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Route from Bognor Station to The Esplanade

Station Road, Bognor Regis, PO21 1QF

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Station Square

  • Leave the station entrance to Station Road via Station Square.
  • The square surface is block paved and is level.
  • At the end of the square there are bollards before you reach Station Road.
  • The bollards are 96cm high and have a clear width of 220cm.

Station Road

  • Turn left into Station Road.
  • The surface changes to tarmac and is slightly uneven in places.

Junction Station Road - Richmond Road

  • Continue on Station Road, crossing at the junction with Richmond Road.
  • The junction has dropped kerbs with tactile paving on both sides.

Station Road - South of Richmond Road

  • Continue on Station Road until you reach the junction with London Road.
  • The pavement surface is block paving and level.

Junction Station Road - London Road

  • Cross the road into London Road.
  • The crossing has dropped kerbs with tactile paving on both sides.
  • The crossing has an audible beep to alert users when it is safe to cross.

London Road

  • At this end of London Road the surface is level with block paving.
  • Head south east along London Road.

London Road Pedestrian Zone

  • Continue forward into the London Road Pedestrian Zone.
  • There are various obstructions located along the pedestrianised region of London Road.
  • There is a bollard towards the start with a height of 92cm.
  • There are also benches located along the road.
  • The middle of the zone is block paved and either side is paving stone.
  • Although this is a pedestrian zone, vehicles are permitted access for loading and there is parking for Blue Badge holders.

Junction London Road - High Street

  • The crossing has dropped kerbs and tactile markings on both sides.
  • The surface is block paving and it is level.

The Arcade

  • The entrance to the arcade is via a slight slope.
  • The Arcade has a granite faced concrete surface.
  • The Arcade has an easy/moderate slope from the High Street to Belmont Street.

Belmont Street Crossing

  • After exiting the arcade, turn slightly right and head to the Belmont Street Crossing.
  • The crossing has dropped kerbs and tactile markings on both sides and an audio beep.

Bognor Open Air Market

  • Continue forward towards the open air market.
  • At the time of review (8/3/2022), there were major redevelopment works being undertaken on the market site. There is a route to the left of the works with an easy slope. The surface may be uneven in places (photograph 3).

The Esplanade Crossing

  • On leaving the market immediately on the left is a crossing taking you to the Esplanade.
  • The crossing has dropped kerbs and tactile markings on both sides.

The Esplanade Level Change from Crossing

  • On crossing the road there is a moderate slope on the left and right up to the Esplanade.
  • Left leads to the Promenade and right to the pier.
  • There are railings either side of the slopes but no handrails.

The Esplanade

  • You have arrived at The Esplanande.