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Route from Littlehampton Station to East Pier

Littlehampton Station, BN17 5BS

Access Guide

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Terminus Road North

  • Leave the station and turn left onto Terminus Road.
  • The pavement is level and has a tarmac surface.

Junction Terminus Road - Albert Road

  • Continue forward on Terminus Road across the junction with Albert Road.
  • The junction has dropped kerbs but no tactile markings.
  • The surface is tarmac.

Terminus Road Crossing

  • Cross the road at the pelican crossing to the south side of Terminus Road at Antonia Court.
  • The pavement has an easy slope to the roadside where there are dropped kerbs and tactile markings either side of the road.

Terminus Road South

  • Here there is a tarmac pavement with an easy camber from the inside towards the kerb.
  • There are obstacles along the pavement.
  • The clear width between the obstacle and the wall is 138cm.

High Street

  • Continue forward where the road changes to High Street and a block paved surface.
  • There are entrances that you must cross, which have dropped kerbs.

Junction High Street - Laneway

  • Cross over a laneway leading behind the shops.
  • The laneway has dropped kerbs but no tactile markings.
  • The lane surface is block paved and uneven in places.

Junction High Street - Surrey Street

  • Here the High Street carries straight on as a pedestrian precinct.
  • Bear right into Surrey Street where there is a taxi rank on your left.

Surrey Street

  • The pavement is block paved and has an easy slope from High Street towards Viking Terrace.

Junction Surrey Street - Viking Terrace

  • At the bottom of Surrey Street bear right and cross over the road to Viking Terrace.
  • There is a slope down and then up from the Surrey Street pavement.
  • There is a slope with tactile markings up to Viking Terrace.

Viking Terrace

  • Viking Terrace is level and has a paved stone surface.
  • River Road car park is on the right.
  • Blue Badge parking is free.

Junction Viking Terrace - White Court

  • Cross the road and turn left at the junction of White Court.
  • The junction has dropped kerbs to both sides but only tactile marking on the far side.
  • The surface is paving stone.

Surrey Street - Riverside Walk

  • Here the surface changes to block paving.
  • At this point there is an uneven moderate slope down and then up as you continue to Riverside Walk.
  • On the right here is the Harbour Lights Centre and cafe/restaurant with an accessible toilet available.

Riverside Walk

  • As you approach Riverside Walk there are bollards across the pavement.
  • The clear width between the bollards is 120cm.
  • Riverside Walk is a level block paved walk along the rivers edge.

Junction Riverside Walk - Pier Road

  • At the end of Riverside Walk turn right into Pier Road.
  • There are bollards on your left with a clear width of 90cm.
  • There is a slight slope on to Pier Road.
  • The pavement surface switches from block paving to concrete slabs.
  • There are 4 steps on the left of the walkway with tactile paving at the top and bottom.

Pier Road

  • Continue on Pier Road where the surface is concrete slabs.

Arun Parade / River Edge

  • Continue forward into Arun Parade.
  • Here there is a choice of following the tarmac pavement or the block paved river edge.
  • There is bench seating available on both routes (photograph 2).
  • There is a fun fair on the left (photograph 3).
  • If you followed the road route, there is a slight ramp with handrails on both sides at the end of the road to head back towards the promenade (photograph 5).
  • At the end of Arun Parade there are bollards with a clear width of 130cm (photograph 6).

Pier / Promenade

  • You have arrived at the pier.
  • At the entrance to the pier there are two bollards with a clear width of 110cm. There are benches along the length of the pier.