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World Duty Free

Bristol Airport, North Side Road, Bristol, BS48 3DY

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Getting Help and Assistance

  • Bristol Airport Special Assistance please click here (new tab).
  • There is a member of staff available for help and assistance.
  • There are mobility aids available.
  • The mobility aids available include wheelchairs.
  • There is not a designated place of safety which can be used by people with dementia, autism or learning disabilities.
  • There is a changing places facility available in the Terminal Building, near the Arrivals Hall.

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World Duty Free

  • The World Duty Free is located to the rear of Security.
  • There is a short cut available for those with mobility issues to bypass the World Duty Free.
  • There is a Sunflower route from Security to the mezzanine level of the Departure Lounge.
  • The type of flooring in along the route is tiles.
  • There is flooring which is shiny and could cause issues with glare or look slippery to some people.
  • The main aisle width is over 200cm.
  • The majority of aisle widths are 150cm+.
  • There is clear signage to the departure lounge.
  • The shop does play background music.
  • The lighting levels are moderate to good.
  • The tills are located at the rear of World Duty Free.
  • The till(s)/counter(s) is/are clearly signed.
  • There is step-free access to the till(s)/counter(s).
  • There are not windows, TVs, glazed screens or mirrors behind the till(s)/counter(s) which could adversely affect the ability of someone to lip read.
  • The till(s)/counter(s) is/are placed in front of a background which is patterned.
  • The height of the till(s)/counter(s) is/are low (76cm - 86cm).
  • There is a lowered section at some of the tills/counters.
  • The self-service machines have controls between 97cm and 137cm with a counter of 75cm height.

Accessible Toilet

  • Accessible toilet facilities are not available.
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    • The nearest accessible toilet is to the right, before entering World Duty Free entrance.

Standard Toilet(s)

  • Availability and Location of Standard Toilets View
    • Standard toilet facilities are not available.
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    • There are standard toilets to the right, before entering World Duty Free entrance and after security.
    • There are standard toilets located on the right hand side of the Departure Lounge when entering through World Duty Free.

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