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Route Plan - King Street

King Street, Bristol, BS1 4HQ

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  • King Street is a one-way cobbled street running west to east between Prince Street and Queen Charlotte Street in the centre of Bristol.
  • There is some parking available, free of charge and without time restrictions for Blue Badge holders.
  • The road is closed for cars until 25/01/2022.

Prince Street Junction

  • There is a dropped kerb with tactile markings to both pavements at the junction of Prince Street and King Street.
  • The pavement is even paving stones, 340cm wide narrowing to 210cm wide.
  • The paving changes here to older uneven paving stones with some wider spaces between them.
  • The pavement width here is 195cm narrowed by a lamppost to 150cm.

King Street West

  • The left-hand side pavement is blocked by pub tables.
  • It is advisable to cross the road here down the easy dropped kerb, go along the cobbled road and up the easy dropped kerb on to the right-hand side pavement.
  • The pavement here does have pub tables restricting access but when laid tight to the building a width of 75cm is possible but not guaranteed.

King Street East

  • After the pubs, the pavement widens to 170cm.
  • The surface is older, with some wider spaces between paving stones.

Queen Charlotte Street Junction

  • Cross the tarmac Queen Charlotte Street at the easy, tactile marked dropped kerb to the pedestrianised part of King Street leading to Welsh Back.

Pedestrianised Zone

  • There is a width of 120cm between the bollards at either end of the zone.
  • The middle of the zone is cobbled with both sides being older uneven paving stones.
  • Pub tables and seating are now aligned with the pedestrian flow with a wider walking area to the right of the route, adjacent to the, now closed, Llandoger Trow Public House.