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"City of Glasgow College reception overhead sign, Theatre sign and entrance stairs on right hand side"

City of Glasgow College

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City of Glasgow College

About City of Glasgow College

City of Glasgow College is Scotland’s largest technical and professional skills college. It is top two in the UK for WorldSkills and composite overall number one in the Scottish sector for success in student attainment in combined Further and Higher Education.

Created in September 2010, City of Glasgow College is widely regarded as pioneering the blue print for successful multiple college mergers, combining the richness and historic legacy of four specialist colleges across nautical, commerce, building and printing, and catering.

Its Riverside campus on the banks of the River Clyde opened to students and staff in August 2015 with an ambitious aim to lead the maritime college community globally. City campus on Cathedral Street was completed in August 2016 creating a technologically advanced twin site super campus and a flagship Super College.

We offer up to 2,000 courses with six faculties, 29 departments and over 1,300 staff. The college is designed for 40,000 students with a wide variety of vocational, apprenticeship or leisure classes from access level to SVQ, HND or Diploma available.

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