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Route Plan - Emergency Department Car Park to Emergency Department Entrance

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital, Haslingden Road, Blackburn, BB2 3HH

Access Guide

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From the Emergency Car Park to the Car Park Exit

  • Make your way from the tarmac car park surface onto the path at the side of the car park.
  • There are 2 dropped kerbs that do not have tactile paving.
  • The path surface is tarmac.
  • Follow the path to the exit, which is a moderate slope consisting of paving slabs.

From the Car Park Exit to the Emergency Department Path

  • The slope is 115cm wide.
  • Go up the slope to the top where the slabs stop and are replaced by a concrete surface, then bear left onto the tarmac path.
  • There is a slight lip where the concrete and the tarmac meet.
  • Follow the path towards the Emergency Department.

Emergency Department Path to the Road Crossing

  • Follow the path and past a lamp post, where there is a gap of 118cm.
  • There is a slight downward slope on the path.
  • Continue towards the crossing and cross the service road.
  • On the far side of the crossing there is a dropped kerb that does not have tactile paving.

Road Crossing to the Emergency Department Entrance

  • Follow the tarmac path which is tarmac, has small manhole covers and slopes slightly towards the road.
  • Bear right at the bottom of the slope and follow the path to the Emergency Department entrance.
  • The path slopes slightly towards the ambulance bays.
  • There is also a slight slope at the entrance to the Emergency Department.