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Route Plan - Mid Stay Car Park 2 - Departures - Check In Hall

East Midlands Airport, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2SA

Access Guide

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Mid Stay Car Park 2 - Ambassador Road - Viscount Road

  • The pedestrian exit from Mid Stay Car Park 2 is located to the left as you drive in from the entrance.
  • There are set of 160cm wide bollards located at the exit.
  • There is a tarmac path which leads down to a pedestrian crossing which crosses over Ambassador Road.
  • The pedestrian crossing has dropped kerbs with no have tactile paving.
  • After crossing the road, turn left and follow Ambassador Road for 30m till it bears right and merges into Viscount Road.
  • Follow Viscount Road for about 40m until you reach the Viscount Road pedestrian crossing.

Viscount Road Pedestrian Crossing

  • The pedestrian crossing is located to the right of the Short Stay Car Park 3 - Pedestrian Exit.
  • There is a dropped kerb with tactile paving on either side of the crossing.
  • The crossing is button controlled.
  • There is a rotating cone at the base of the controls to indicate to visually impaired people when it is safe to cross.
  • The crossing leads to the opposite side of Viscount Road just after it merges with Dove Road.

Viscount Road - Departures Check In Hall

  • Follow Viscount Road for about 80m until it bears left and becomes a path leading to the Departures - Check In Hall.
  • Along Viscount Road there is a bus stop with a passenger assistance help point, which is 115cm from the ground.
  • The path leading to the Departures - Check In Hall is in on a slight slope.
  • There is a set of 135cm wide bollards at the top of the slope.
  • After the bollards there is slight slope which leads to the front of the Departures - Check In Hall.
  • There is clear directional signage along Viscount Road and the path.
  • The surface of all the paths along this route is tarmac.