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Hughes Hall

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About Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall

The University of Cambridge’s oldest graduate college, Hughes Hall was established in 1885. We now accept postgraduate students and mature undergraduates in all areas of study and research, offering scholarships and bursaries targeted at new and continuing students.

We are one of the most international colleges, bridging the academic and external worlds, with an open and informal atmosphere. 

We provide a relaxing and stimulating environment with a strong and supportive sense of community. Our College buildings run alongside the University’s Cricket Ground and around the corner is lively Mill Road, known for its cafes and restaurants. We are halfway between the railway station and market square, a 10-minute bike ride from most university departments, and 5 minutes from the river Cam.

Hughes Hall is working with AccessAble to improve the accessibility of our site – and to improve our provision of information on accessibility – for our community and for visitors to our buildings and grounds.

The resulting guides will provide comprehensive and accurate information related to all aspects of access, from the approach to the College, route planning and journeys around our grounds to the accessibility of individual rooms, virtual access guides and detailed information on facilities. We aim to provide a detailed and helpful resource for anyone wishing to study at, work at or visit Hughes Hall; and we are committed to the principles of inclusion and accessibility encapsulated in this work.

Please see our website for information on contacting us,  visiting us; or our current disability and access details.  


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