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Route from The Rose Bowl - Campus Central Via Bus From Woodhouse Lane

Leeds, LS1 3HE

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Introduction (The Rose Bowl To Campus Central Via Bus)

  • The journey from the Rose Bowl City Campus to Headlingley Campus Central is about 3.5 miles in length and requires some walking from the Rose Bowl City Campus to the bus stop on Woodhouse Lane. You would then have a 25 minute bus ride on the number 29 run by FirstBus Leeds. On Arrival at the Headingley Campus you would get off the bus outside the Design and Technology Building (opposite the James Graham Building) and take another walk to the Campus Central Building.
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The Rose Bowl To Woodhouse Lane

  • Exit the Rose Bowl from the rear entrance which looks out onto the Rose Bowl short stay car park and turn right onto the pathway.
  • Follow the path which is block paving and over 150cm wide towards Portland Crescent which is a journey of about 30 metres down an easy slope which evens out as you reach the junction with Portland Crescent.
  • At Portland Crescent you will turn left and need to cross the short stay car park entrance road.
  • There is a dropped kerb with good markings and the same at the other side of the car park entrance road, there is an easy slope to very easy slope as you cross the car park entrance road.
  • You will notice path is still over 150cm in width and the path becomes more uneven due to various repairs to the surface and a couple of slightly raised drain covers. The path is now tarmac rather than block paving.
  • The path also becomes an easy slope as you approach Woodhouse Lane.
  • This section of the journey is about 25 metres in total.
  • The total distance of travel from the Rose Bowl Rear Entrance to Woodhouse Lane is about 60metres.

Woodhouse Lane To Woodhouse Lane Bus Stop L2

  • As you approach Woodhouse Lane from Portland Crescent you will see a dropped kerb crossing Portland Crescent to your right just as it meets Woodhouse Lane. There is an easy slope before you reach this dropped kerb.
  • You will need to cross at this dropped kerb which is well marked out on both sides of the road and does have an easy slope. You will then carry on straight ahead down Woodhouse Lane which is a temporary path due to building works. The path is only 140cm in width and is a tarmac surface.
  • You will follow this path for around 20metres with an easy slope before reaching another dropped kerb which is a pedestrian crossing to cross Cookridge Street.
  • You will cross the pedestrian crossing using the dropped kerbs for both sections of the crossing. The crossing does have low level buttons.
  • You will continue along Woodhouse Lane towards the bus stop L2 which is around 25metres away along the path which is now block paving again has an easy slope with some slightly raised drains covers.
  • The path widens to over 150cm and becomes more level as you approach the bus stop.
  • The bus stop L2 is directly outside the Technology Campus building and opposite Morrison's supermarket.
  • The total distance from Woodhouse Lane at the junction with Portland Crescent to Woodhouse Lane bus stop L2 is about 50 metres.

Woodhouse Lane Stop L2 To Headingley Campus On Bus Number 29

  • The bus stop is located on Woodhouse Lane near the junction with Claypit Lane.
  • The bus stop is next to Leeds City College Technology Campus and opposite Morrison's Supermarket.
  • The number 29 bus operated by FirstBus Leeds runs a regular service to the Headingley Campus from this stop.
  • The number 29 bus runs through Headingley and into the Headingley Campus and also serves Leeds Student Village.
  • The distance of travel is 3 miles and usually takes around 25 minutes subject to traffic, with 19 stops between Woodhouse Lane Stop L2 and the Headingley Campus.

Headingley Campus Bus Stop To Fairfax

  • Head down the path with the James Graham Building on your left and the Design and Technology Building on your right.
  • The path is block pathing and is on an easy slope downhill.
  • The path runs for around 40m until you reach a dropped kerb to cross a small side road that is between the Design and Technology Building and the Fairfax Building.
  • The dropped kerb is well marked out and is just a slightly raised drain cover. You must then cross over this quiet road before continuing towards the Fairfax Building which will be on your right with the James Graham Building still on your left.
  • The path is still on a slight downward slope and has a small dip after around 8 metres but it easily navigable.
  • After around 13m you will be at the entrance of Fairfax.
  • The distance from the bus stop to the Fairfax Building is 61metres in total.

Fairfax To Caedmon Building

  • From the Fairfax Building you will see a dropped kerb opposite the Fairfax Building main entrance and you will need to use this well marked out dropped kerb to cross a quiet road to head towards the Caedmon Building.
  • You will see the James Graham Building on your left as you cross the road and the Caedmon Building straight ahead in the distance.
  • As you reach the opposite side of the road you will have to go through some bollards that are up to prevent traffic accessing the road. The bollards have a gap between them of 145cm in width.
  • Then go up the dropped kerb after the bollards with the James Graham Building on your left and Caedmon Building in the distance ahead.
  • The path is block paving with a width of 150cm and is level until you approach the James Graham Building entrance after about 65m.
  • Outside the James Graham Building entrance there is a slight slope and a drain cover which is raised very slightly in the path, however this should be easily passed over.
  • The pathway continues past the James Graham Building entrance towards the Caedmon Building and is still 150cm in width and level.
  • After about 60m you will approach the end of the pathway as you face the Caedmon Building.
  • There is a dropped kerb at the end of the path as you face the Caedmon Building.
  • At this point you will have to head through some more bollards that have a gap of 450cm in width and go up the road as there isn't a dropped kerb to the pavement opposite.
  • The total distance to travel from the Fairfax Building to the Caedmon Building is 128 metres.

Caedmon Building To Campus Central Building

  • You will have to head up the roadway with the Caedmon Building on the right and the James Graham Building on your left.
  • The path on the right hand side of the roadway has no dropped kerbs.
  • The road is quiet and heads uphill as an easy slope and the surface of the road is smooth until you reach a speed hump after about 12m, which is easy to navigate over.
  • After a further 18m you will pass some Blue Badge bays on the left next to the James Graham Building accessible entrance.
  • Approach a zebra crossing after a further 13m which crosses the road from the James Graham Building and the Campus Central Building.
  • You will need to cross this crossing and use the dropped kerb on the other side which faces the Campus Central.
  • The Campus Central is straight ahead and will require you to use the ramp which is to the left as you come up the dropped kerb.
  • The ramps is over 150cm in width with handrails on both sides and has an easy slope.
  • There are 3 deep steps with no handrail as an alternate option to the ramp.
  • The entrance to the Campus Central is an automatic door with a touchpad, which opens towards you and is 95cm in width.
  • There is a revolving door as an alternative option.
  • You are now at the Campus Central.
  • The total distance travelled from the Caedmon Building to the Campus Central Building is 53 metres.