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Home Coach Drop-Off (Priory Road) to Anfield

Liverpool FC - Anfield, Priory Road, Liverpool, L4 2SL

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  • The following information describes the route from the home coach parking/drop-off area in Priory Road to the Anfield Road outer walkway.
  • The approximate distance of this route is 550m- 650m depending on where the coach parks.
  • The route takes approximately 7-10 minutes.
  • The route leads along a section of Anfield Road which forms part of the traffic exclusion zone.
  • The traffic exclusion zone is in place from 4 hours before kick-off.
  • The pavements along the route have a tarmac and flagstone paving surface.
  • Anfield Road (which can be used by pedestrians during the traffic exclusion period) has a tarmac surface.
  • The potential hazards on this route include; posts, bins, bus shelters, uneven paving and bollards.

Priory Road - Home Coach Drop-off to Stanley Park

  • The pedestrian entrance to Stanley Park is located opposite Anfield Crematorium, on Priory Road.
  • The footpath has a flagstone paving surface which is mostly level.
  • There may be some bins, posts and a bus shelter along this section of the route depending where the coach has parked.
  • At the entrance to Stanley Park there are dropped kerbs on either side leading onto the access path.
  • The dropped kerbs have tactile paving.
  • The entrance into the park is open and level.
  • The surface of the park is tarmac.

Stanley Park

  • After entering Stanley Park continue straight ahead along the footpath for approximately 400m, until you reach Anfield Road.
  • There is a path that branches off to the left and leads to the Anfield Road outer walkway but it has a steep slope.
  • The path is wide and has a smooth tarmac surface.
  • Bench seating is not available.
  • The pedestrian exit onto Anfield Road is open and level.

Stanley Park to the Outer Concourse/Walkway (Anfield Road)

  • After exiting Stanley Park turn left towards the stadium.
  • Bear diagonally right and cross Anfield Road towards the dropped kerb in front of the bollards.
  • This part of Anfield Road forms part of the traffic exclusion zone.
  • The row of bollards are positioned at the access point to the Anfield Road outer walkway.
  • These prevent vehicles entering the site from 4 hours before kick-off.
  • This access point is manned by stewards.
  • On the right hand side there is a dropped kerb with tactile paving.
  • Use the dropped kerb to access the bollards.
  • The bollards are at a height of 110cm..
  • The gap between the bollards is 116cm.
  • The bollards do not have a good colour contrast with the background but do have a red contrasting strip at the top.
  • Pass between the bollards and you will have reached the outer walkway.

Outer Concourse and Walkways