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Route Plan of the High Street

High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 1JZ

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Route Introduction

  • This is a route plan travelling from the end of High Street at the B483 end, to the junction of Windsor Street and Cross Street.
  • The route is approximately 0.4 miles.
  • The route takes approximately 12 minutes.
  • The route is along High Street and down Windsor Street.
  • The route is part pedestrianised.
  • Potential hazards include narrow and busy paths.


  • There is a bus stop within 150m (164yds) of the venue.
  • The nearest National Rail station is West Ruislip.
  • The nearest underground station is Uxbridge.

High Street to Vine Street

  • This section of the route is from the start of High Street to the junction with Vine Street.
  • The path along this section is mostly block paved.
  • This section of the route is approximately 0.2 miles.
  • The start of this section is a downhill slope.
  • Proceed along High Street.
  • After approximately 50m you will come to the entrance to a car park.
  • There is a dropped kerb.
  • The dropped kerb does not have tactile paving.
  • Traffic can come from both directions.
  • Once across this entrance proceed ahead along High Street for approximately 150m.
  • The pathway is wider than 150cm all along this section.
  • Once you get to the junction with Vine Street continue ahead into the pedestrianised area.

High Street to Windsor Street

  • This section of the route is a pedestrianised area.
  • The pavements here are wide.
  • The pavement is block paved and slab paved.
  • There are some benches along this route.
  • The benches do not have armrests.
  • This section of the route is approximately 0.1miles.
  • Proceed along High Street.
  • The High Street can be busy at times.
  • There are sometimes cyclists using this area.
  • You will come to a left turn into Windsor Street.

Windsor Street to Cross Street

  • Once you have turned left into Windsor Street the pathway narrows to 110cm.
  • The pathway varies in width throughout this section.
  • Potential hazards include lamp posts built into the pavement, signage on the pathway and loading areas.
  • This section of the route is approximately 0.1miles.
  • The path is also an easy slope downwards.
  • Proceed along Windsor Street.
  • The path curves around to the right.
  • This area is a loading bay.
  • The loading bay has dropped kerbs without tactile paving.
  • The loading bay area is now level with both pathways on either side of it.
  • The path continues across the loading bay area after the dropped kerb by a tarmac surface straight to the other side of the loading area.
  • Proceed ahead and follow Windsor Street around to the left.
  • The path here is mainly paving slabs.
  • Continue along Windsor Street.
  • After approximately 20m you will come to another loading area with dropped kerbs.
  • This dropped kerb does not have tactile paving.
  • Follow Windsor Street to the junction with Cross Street.