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London City Airport DLR Station

Hartmann Road, Newham, London, E16 2DU

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Introduction (DLR Services)

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    • The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a fully accessible public transport network with step-free access into all stations.
    • TFL produce a range of accessibility guides including audio guides and large print maps showing step-free routes and the location of toilets on the network.
    • Please see the link above to download or order guides.
    • Most DLR stations are not staffed.
    • Station buildings do not have doors or ticket barriers and are open 24 hours a day.
    • Train services are not 24 hours.
    • Please see link to TFL website for train operating times at each station.
    • Self-service ticket machines are available at each station.
    • Oyster cards, contactless payment cards and travel cards are accepted.
    • There is level access from platform to train at every station.
    • Wheelchair users are advised to reverse on and off the train to overcome any gap between the platform and the train.
    • Every train has a member of staff to assist customers.
    • There is a push button alarm call point on every platform, linked to a control centre.
    • The control centre can alert the staff on the train to customers waiting to board who will require assistance.
    • All platforms have some shelter and fixed seating with armrests.


  • This venue is situated in Silvertown.
  • There is a bus stop within 150m (164yds) of the venue.
  • The nearest mainline station is Woolwich Arsenal.
  • The nearest underground station is Canning Town - Jubilee Line.


  • The venue does not have its own car park.
  • Public Car Parks View
    • There is a car park for public use within 200m (approx).
    • The name of the car park is London City Airport Car Park.
    • The car park is located outside the airport terminal building.
  • On Street Blue Badge Parking View
    • On street marked Blue Badge bays are not available.
  • Public Car Parks. View
    • Car park website
  • On Street Standard Parking View
    • Clearly signed and / or standard marked parking bays are not available.
  • Drop-off Point View
    • There is a designated drop off point.
    • The drop off point is located outside the airport entrance.
    • There is a dropped kerb from the drop off point.
    • There is not tactile paving on the dropped kerb.
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    • There is unrestricted on-steet parking in the area around the Drew Road Entrance.

Outside Access (Airport Entrance)

  • This information is for the entrance located via the airport main entrance.
  • There is level access into the venue.
  • The bell is in a suitable position to allow wheelchair users to gain access.
  • The main doors open automatically.
  • The doors are double width.
  • The door opening is 230cm (7ft 7in) wide.
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    • The entrance to the station is straight ahead after the airport entrance.
    • There are no doors at the station entrance.

Outside Access (Drew Road Entrance)

  • This information is for the entrance located on Drew Road.
  • There is not level access into the venue.
  • The main doors open (no doors).
  • The door opening is 400cm (13ft 1in) wide.
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    • This entrance is used for access to the DLR station when the airport is closed.

Level Change (Drew Road Entrance)

  • There is a ramp or slope to access this service.
  • The ramp or slope is located from the street down towards the entrance and subway.
  • The ramp or slope is permanent.
  • There are steps to access this area / service.
  • The steps are located from the subway up to the station ticket hall.
  • There is / are 15+ step(s) to the area / service.
  • The lighting levels at the steps are medium.
  • The step(s) is/are not clearly marked.
  • The steps are medium.
  • The steps do have handrails.
  • The handrails are on both sides.
  • The ramp/slope does not bypass the step(s).
  • There is a standard and / or platform lift to access this service.
  • The lift does bypass the steps.
  • The lift does not bypass the ramp.
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    • The vehicle in the photograph was a maintenance contractor.
    • Other vehicles are not permitted on the paved area.

Lift (Access to Concourse and Platforms)

  • There is a lift for public use.
  • The lift is located in the centre of the subway and ticket concourse.
  • The lift is a standard lift.
  • The floors which are accessible by this lift are subway - ticket concourse - platforms.
  • The lift is 22m (24yd 2in) from the Drew Road Entrance.
  • Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift.
  • The clear door width is 90cm (2ft 11in).
  • The dimensions of the lift are 200cm x 135cm (6ft 7in x 4ft 5in).
  • There are not separate entry and exit doors in the lift.
  • There is a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift.
  • The lift does have a visual floor indicator.
  • The lift does have an audible announcer.
  • The controls for the lift are within 120cm from the floor.
  • The lift does not have Braille markings.
  • The lift does have tactile markings.
  • The lighting level in the lift is medium.
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    • The lift is located 34m from the airport entrance.
    • At platform level, the train boarding area is 40m from the lift.

Train Station

  • There are generally 3 member(s) of staff on duty.
  • The station is staffed.
  • There is not an office to obtain help.
  • There is a ticket office.
  • The ticket office is located on the station concourse level.
  • The ticket office is 25m (27yd 1ft) from the airport entrance.
  • The train companies operating from within this station are DLR - Woolwich Arsenal branch.
  • There is a taxi rank at the station.
  • The taxi rank is located outside the airport entrance.
  • The taxi rank is 55m (60yd 5in) from the airport entrance.
  • Shops and services within the station include Costa Coffee.
  • All key concourse shops and services have level access.
  • There are 2 platform(s) in the station.
  • Additional Station Information View
    • Announcements on platforms are audio and visual.
    • Platforms which have tactile markings at the platform edge are 1-2.
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    • When the ticket office is closed there would be at least one member of security/ assistance staff in the station.

Counter (Ticket and Information Office)

  • The counter is 5m (5yd 1ft) from the lift.
  • There is level access to the counter from the entrance.
  • There is not a lowered section.
  • There is a hearing assistance system.
  • The type of system is a fixed loop.
  • The height of the counter is medium.
  • Staff are trained to use system.
  • Lighting levels are bright.

Level Change (Access to Platforms)

  • There are steps to access this area / service.
  • The steps are located at the far end of the ticket concourse.
  • There is / are 15+ step(s) to the area / service.
  • The lighting levels at the steps are medium.
  • The step(s) is/are not clearly marked.
  • The steps are medium.
  • The steps do have handrails.
  • The handrails are on both sides.
  • There is a standard and / or platform lift to access this service.
  • The lift does bypass the steps.
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    • There are escalators to access the platforms from the ticket concourse.
    • The escalators are opposite the lifts.
    • The escalator steps are clearly marked.
    • The top and bottom of the escalators is clearly marked.

Train Station Platform

  • This information is for platform(s) 1-2.
  • The platform(s) accessed by lift is / are 1-2.
  • The platform(s) which can be accessed by either level access / ramps / lifts / stairclimber from inside the station is / are 1-2.

Waiting Room / Area (Platforms 1-2)

  • There is a waiting room / area.
  • The waiting room / area is 74m (80yd 2ft) from the lift.
  • There is level access into the waiting room / area.
  • Level access is by lift.
  • There are doors into the waiting room / area.
  • The main doors open away from you (push).
  • The doors are single width.
  • The doors are heavy.
  • The door opening is 102cm (3ft 4in) wide.
  • The type of flooring is stone.
  • There is room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre.
  • All chairs are permanently fixed.
  • Chairs with armrests are available.
  • Announcements are audible.
  • Lighting levels are bright.
  • The room does not have background music playing.
  • There is space for an assistance dog to rest.
  • Vending machines are not available.
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    • Although there are no speakers in the waiting room, announcements on the platforms can be heard in the waiting room.

Accessible Toilet

  • There are not accessible toilets within this venue designated for public use.
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    • The nearest accessible toilets are in the airport terminal.

Standard Toilet(s)

Additional Info

  • Staff do receive disability awareness / equality training.
  • Documents are available in large print.
  • Staff are Text Relay aware.
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    • Large print maps and other guides are available from the information office.