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Route Plan 3 Tower 1 to the Lionel Robbins building, via Grange Court

Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE

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  • The route plan is from Tower 1 to the Lionel Robbins Building.
  • It goes via Grange Court and St Clements Lane.
  • The route covers a distance of approximately 100m and includes slopes ranging from easy to steep.

Tower 1 to steps or Lift

  • Turn left as you exit Tower 1.
  • Continue past the bicycle racks on the left and right.
  • Walk for 25m until there is the lift or steps ahead of you.
  • The lift is located to the left of the steps.
  • The surface consists of uneven tarmac.

Lift or steps to St Clements Lane

  • Ahead there is a lift to overcome the steps up to Grange Court.
  • This lift requires an LSE keycard to operate.
  • The clear door width of the lift is 89cm.
  • The lift is 105cm wide and 170cm in depth.
  • At time of survey due to construction works the path had a width of only 82cm.
  • There is an audible announcer and tactile markings.
  • Alternately, go up the 14 medium unmarked steps.
  • There is no tactile paving.
  • There are handrails on the left and in the centre.
  • Pass through the gate at the top and turn to the right onto Grange Court, which has a width of 90cm between the central handrail and the left gate and 83cm between the central handrail and the right gate.
  • After overcoming the level change either via steps or lift turn right and down the easy slope located there.
  • The slope has no handrails.
  • At time of survey due to construction work the slope has a width of only 122cm
  • The slope goes downwards and lasts for approximately 15m.

St Clements Lane to John Watkins Plaza

  • Turn left at the end of the slope onto St Clements Lane.
  • There is uneven concrete and cobbled paving here and a width of 110cm between flower beds.
  • Go onto the pavement running on the right hand side of St Clements Lane.
  • There is an easy slope upwards
  • Due to construction work at the time of survey the width of the path is only 110cm.
  • After 20m from the flower beds you will need to head onto the road via a temporary drop kerb and then continue on to John Watkins Plaza.
  • The surface of the road is tarmac with the occasional drain and manhole cover.
  • After 50m turn right onto John Watkins Plaza.

John Watkins Plaza to Lionel Robbins Building

  • On John Watkins Plaza, there is an upward steep slope with handrails on either side for approximately 15m.
  • To access the slope there are bollards with a width of 145cm
  • When you get to the top of the slope, the Lionel Robbins Building is directly ahead of you.