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Marks and Spencer Richmond Rail Simply Food

Richmond Station, Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NA

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Public Transport and Parking

  • Public Transport View
    • There is a bus stop within approximately 150m of the store.
    • The nearest underground tube station/Metro station is Richmond.
  • Parking View
    • The store does not have its own car park.
    • The store shares a car park/parking facilities.
    • Clearly marked/signposted designated Blue Badge parking bays are available.
    • Clearly marked/signposted parent and child parking bays are not available.

Lift (Upper Concourse to Platforms 2-7)

  • There is a standard lift to access Platforms 2-7 and the station M&S.
  • The lift is located to the right of the footbridge leading to Platforms 2-7 from the upper concourse.
  • There is step free access to the lift.
  • There is a clear accessible route to the lift.
  • The lift is approximately 26m from the Richmond Station Kew Road entrance.
  • The clear door width is 110cm.
  • The dimensions of the lift are 130cm x 130cm.
  • There is a mirror to aid reversing out the lift.
  • There are not separate entry and exit doors in the lift.
  • The lift has a visual floor indicator.
  • The lift has an audible announcer.
  • The lift controls have tactile markings.
  • The lift controls have Braille markings.

Approach (From Station Entrance and Platform 1)

  • Access from the station entrance and platform 1 is by lift or stairs.
  • There is/are 15+ unmarked step(s) on the approach to the store.
  • The height of the step(s) is/are 17cm.
  • There is a/are handrail(s) available on both sides going up.
  • The surface of the approach is stone/concrete tiles.

Approach (From Platforms 2 to 7)

  • Access from platforms 2 to 7 is step-free.
  • There is step free access on the approach to the store.
  • The surface of the approach is stone/concrete tiles.

Outside Access

  • This information is for the entrance located in Richmond Station.
  • There is step free access at this entrance.

Inside Access

  • Inside Access View
    • There is step free access throughout the store.
    • There is some flooring which is shiny and could cause issues with glare or look slippery to some people.
    • The store does not play background music.
    • There is a/are fixed hearing assistance system(s) in the store.
    • The hearing assistance system(s) is/are located at the till/counter.
    • There is not a cash machine in the store.
    • Trolleys designed for the use of wheelchair users are not available.
  • Click and Collect View
    • There is a Click and Collect service in the store.
    • Customers can obtain online Click and Collect from a member of staff.

Food Hall

  • Food Hall View
    • The Food Hall is located ahead as you enter.
    • There is step free access to the Food Hall.
    • The majority of aisles have a clear width of 100cm+ and are clear of obstructions.
    • There is step free access throughout the Food Hall aisle(s).
  • Till(s)/Counter(s) View
    • There is not a food information counter.
    • There is a/are self service till(s) (Scott tills) in the Food Hall.
    • There is a self service till with a hearing assistance system.
    • Staff can provide assistance with using the self service till(s) (Scott tills).

Accessible Toilet(s)

  • There is not an accessible toilet in the store.

Standard Toilet(s)

  • There are no standard toilets in the store.

Public Facilities

  • There is an accessible toilet available within the train station.
  • Standard toilets are available within the train station.
  • Baby changing facilities are available within the train station.

Additional Information

  • Staff undertake regular internal awareness training.
  • There is not a member of staff trained in British Sign Language.
  • There is a member of staff available to provide assistance.
  • There is not a home delivery service available from the store.