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Airdrie Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre

1 Lady Ann Crescent, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, ML6 9RY

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Introduction (Conditions of Use of Site)

  • Customers will be asked to assist in the recycling of their material by placing each material in the appropriate designated skip or container.
  • Recycling attendants will be on site to provide any assistance required.
  • All vans, pick-up vehicles and any vehicle with a large trailer must pre-book their visit to the recycling centre. 48 hours notice is required.
  • Only household waste can be disposed of (no commercial waste).
  • Waste must be segregated for recycling where possible.
  • No hazardous material such as tyres, asbestos or liquid paint can be disposed of at any recycling centre.
  • Solidified paint or domestic sized paint tins with absorbent material (soil, sand etc) may be disposed of in general waste.
  • No trade or commercial waste can be accepted at waste disposal and recycling centres.


  • There is not a bus stop within 150m (164yds) of the venue.
  • The nearest National Rail station is Airdrie.

COVID-19 Information

Vehicle Entry and Exit

  • The vehicle entrance and exit gate is located off St Ann’s Crescent.
  • There are additional barriers outside the office for entry and exit.
  • Beyond the barriers there is a steep ramp up to the unloading level.
  • During opening hours there is no height restriction barrier at the entrance.
  • During busier periods, there may be a queue of vehicles into the Recycling Centre.
  • Site staff may stop you at the gate to ensure the waste you are carrying has come from the household. Commercial waste is not accepted.


  • The venue does have its own car park.
  • Venue Car Park View
    • Parking is free for all users.
    • The car park is located in front of the office.
    • The car park type is open air/surface.
    • There is/are 0 Blue Badge parking bay(s) within the car park.
    • The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance.
    • Assistance may be required because there is / are slopes/ramps.
    • The car park surface is concrete.
    • There is not a road to cross between the car park and the entrance.
    • The car park does not have a height restriction barrier.
  • Drop-off Point View
    • There is a designated drop off point.
    • The drop off point is located in front of the skips.

Outside Access (Office Entrance)

  • This information is for the entrance located at the front of the building.
  • There is not level access into the venue.
  • The main door(s) open(s) towards you (pull).
  • The door(s) is / are single.
  • The door(s) is / are heavy.
  • The width of the door opening is 88cm (2ft 11in).

Level Change (Office Entrance)

  • There is a ramp/slope to access this area/service.
  • The ramp or slope is located to the right as you face the entrance.
  • The ramp/slope is moderate.
  • The ramp/slope is permanent.
  • There is a level landing at the top of the ramp/slope.
  • The ramp does have handrails.
  • The handrails are on both sides.
  • The width of the ramp/slope is 128cm (4ft 2in).

Opening Hours

Reception (Office)

  • The desk/counter is 5m (5yd 1ft) from the office entrance.
  • There is level access to the desk/counter from the entrance.
  • The desk/counter is low (76cm or lower).
  • The lighting levels are medium.
  • There is not a hearing assistance system.

Recycling Centre - Unloading

  • The site is set out on one level with a one way road going around the perimeter.
  • There is a steep slope to the road after the entry barrier.
  • There is level access to the skips and containers, however some customers may have difficulty lifting items into the individual skips or containers.
  • Recycling attendants are available in the office to assist in this case.
  • The height of the barriers around the skips is 114cm.
  • The skips and containers are clearly labelled overhead as to which to use.

Accessible Shower (Staff Facility)

  • Accessible shower facilities are available.
  • The accessible shower(s) surveyed is/are located in the accessible toilet.
  • The facilities available in the accessible shower(s) include; an adjustable shower head and a flip down seat.
  • The height of the seat is 45cm (1ft 6in).
  • There is level access to the services from the accessible shower facilities.

Accessible Toilet (Staff Facility)

  • Accessible toilet facilities are available.
  • The accessible toilet cubicle was being used for storage at the time of the survey.
  • Location and Access View
    • There is written text signage on or near the toilet door.
    • This accessible toilet is approximately 3m (3yd 10in) from the office entrance.
    • This accessible toilet is located to the left as you enter the office.
    • There is level access to this accessible toilet.
  • Features and Dimensions View
    • This is a shared toilet.
    • A key is not required for the accessible toilet.
    • The door opens outwards.
    • The door is locked by a twist lock.
    • The width of the accessible toilet door is 87cm (2ft 10in).
    • The door may be difficult to open.
    • The dimensions of the accessible toilet are 238cm x 296cm (7ft 10in x 9ft 9in).
    • There is sufficient turning space in the cubicle for a wheelchair user.
    • There is a lateral transfer space.
    • As you face the toilet pan the transfer space is on the left.
    • The lateral transfer space is 174cm (5ft 9in).
    • There is a dropdown rail on the transfer side.
    • There is a flush on the transfer side.
    • The tap type is lever.
    • There is not a mixer tap.
    • There is an emergency alarm.
    • The emergency pull cord alarm is not fully functional.
    • The alarm was out of reach (higher than 10cm (4") from floor) when surveyed.
    • Disposal facilities are available in the cubicle.
    • There is a/are sanitary disposal units.
    • There is a/are coat hook(s).
  • Position of Fixtures View
    • Wall mounted grab rails are available for the toilet.
    • As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rails are on both sides.
    • There is not a shelf within the accessible toilet.
    • There is a mirror.
    • Mirrors are placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use.
    • The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 47cm (1ft 7in).
    • There is not a hand dryer.
    • There is not a towel dispenser.
    • There is a toilet roll holder.
    • The toilet roll holder can be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The toilet roll holder is not placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in).
    • There is a wash basin.
    • The wash basin can be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The wash basin is not placed higher than 74cm (2ft 5in).
  • Colour Contrast and Lighting View
    • The contrast between the external door and wall is good.
    • The contrast between the internal door and wall is good.
    • The contrast between the wall-mounted grab rail(s) and wall is good.
    • The contrast between the dropdown rail(s) and wall is good.
    • The contrast between the walls and floor is good.
    • The lighting levels are moderate to good.

Standard Toilet(s)

Additional Info

  • A bowl of water can be provided for an assistance dog.