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The new name for DisabledGo

About AccessAble

Our Story

AccessAble, originally called DisabledGo, was set up in 2000 by Dr. Gregory Burke as a result of his own experiences as a wheelchair user and disabled walker.

Gregory was frustrated to find that the best-case scenario when he looked for accessibility information was a few unhelpful words that only resulted in more uncertainty.

Dr Gregory Burke

Wheelchair friendly

Disabled access

Not having the information he needed meant everything had to be planned and that too often going out became a stressful and anxious experience. At times Gregory felt he could not go out at all.

How many times have we been told that there is level access in theory, only to find that there are two steps up in practice?

How often have we found that the "accessible toilet" is anything but accessible when we have gone to use it?

How can we know in confidence, how far we are truly going to have to walk?

Watch Gregory talk about what inspired him to set up AccessAble and his commitment to bringing about change.

Working alongside over 100 different disability groups Gregory launched DisabledGo's first website in 2002. Since then the organisation has grown and developed, continually meeting and listening to its user community.

By 2018 DisabledGo was used by over 1.5 million people each year to plan a visit or trip out. Thousands of people continued to shape the service getting involved in DisabledGo's engagement events and social media channels.

In June 2018 we began to build our new website and IOS and Android Apps, something our user community had been passionate and vocal about. We also made the decision to rebrand to AccessAble.

Today, is used by over 5 million people each year.

Can you help us to shape the future of accessibility information?

We can't be a 'best kept secret', we know our work makes a massive difference, and we need to reach more people. The name AccessAble is just one of the ways we are looking to do this, we are a service for every disabled person and carer, regardless of impairment. We also want to help people who face access issues for other reasons.

Please help us spread the word about AccessAble - Your Accessibility Guide.

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