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Route Plan - Mile End Library to Maths Square

Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS

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    • The total distance is approximately 390m.
    • Maths Square is under redevelopment at time of survey.

Turn Left

  • Leave the library and turn left and travel for approximately 37m from the library exit.
  • Cross the courtyard and use the path located there.
  • The surface of the courtyard is block paving.

Turn left between G.O. Jones and the Queens Building

  • Turn left and head along the road.
  • The surface is tarmac and slight gradient towards Mile End Road, though there is block paving as an option to your left.
  • There's a slight downhill gradient heading towards Mile End Road.
  • Towards the end of the road you may need to travel between plant plots which have a gap with a width of 250cm.
  • Just before you reach Mile End Road there is a section of block paving.

Turn Right at Mile End Road

  • Once you reach Mile End Road head right for approximately 150m.
  • Immediately on turning right there is a tarmac service road with tactile paving on either side (as is shown in photograph 1).
  • The surface of the path is block paving which also feature the occasional manhole cover and a slight gradient heading towards the world (as shown in photographs 2 and 3).
  • After approximately 35m from the previous service roads there is another very similar service road.
  • Then continue along the pavement to Bancroft Road.
  • This is block paving with a slight gradient going towards the road and a slight gradient downhill.

Cross Bancroft Road

  • Cross Bancroft Road.
  • There is tactile paving on either side of the road.
  • The road is tarmac and there is an easy gradient to the centre of the road and an easy gradient downwards to the other side from the centre.

Turn Right Down Bancroft Road

  • Turn right and head down Bancroft Road for approximately 45m.
  • There is a small concrete service road with drop kerbs at either side (as is shown in photographs 2 and 3).
  • After the service road the surface is block paving. At one point there is a rubbish bin on the pavement with a 130cm width between the bollards on the left and the bin.

Cross Service Road

  • There are drop kerbs at either side of the service road.
  • The surface of the road is concrete.
  • There is a slight gradient heading towards the road.

Turn Left into the Maths Square

  • Turn left once you have crossed the service road and take the path leading towards the Maths Square.
  • There is a permanently held open to access this path and it has a width of 120cm (as shown in photograph 1). This can be bypassed by going around it which gives a width to access the path of 180cm (as shown in photograph 2)
  • To access the path either way you will need to overcome a small slope with an easy gradient.
  • The path has a width of 123cm at its smallest and is slightly uneven with a gradient going downwards towards the left.
  • At the end of the path you will have arrived in Maths Square. This can be seen in photograph 5.