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Route from Students Guidance Centre to The Lanyon Building

Queen's University Belfast, 77-79 University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NF

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COVID-19 Information

  • The information in this section was taken in October 2020.
  • There has been no changes to parking or the Blue Badge parking bays.
  • The majority of buildings have one way systems which are clearly marked on floors and walls.
  • Some buildings have entry doors and exit doors with signage clearly displayed.
  • Some buildings have an entry door and a separate exit door, all marked with floor signage.
  • Hand sanitisers are available outside each teaching room.
  • Mobile sanitising stations are located at; Main Site Tower, Peter Frogatt Centre, MBC, David Keir Building and Ashby Building.
  • Teaching rooms have been allocated a maximum number of occupants which is marked on the doors.
  • Signage around social distancing has been introduced across all buildings.
  • All main reception desks now have Perspex screening.
  • Lifts are still in action and can go up or down. Most have an occupancy of 1 person.
  • Accessible toilets are still in use.
  • Standard toilets are marked up with a maximum number of users allowed.
  • Some shower cubicles have been closed off.
  • For more information about the measures in place for Covid-19 please click here (new tab) .


Student Guidance Centre to Elmwood Avenue

  • Exit the Student Guidance Centre and turn right, follow the path for 12 meters until you reach the end of the road. At this point, cross over the road on your left hand side using the dropped curb which has tactile paving.
  • Once across the road, follow the path along the side of University Road for roughly 25 meters. The path is mostly level with some uneven places. Continue along until coming to Elmwood Avenue.

Elmwood Avenue to cross Traffic Lights

  • Cross over Elmwood Avenue using the dropped curbs, which have tactile paving on both sides. The road has a tarmacked surface which is slightly rough but mostly level. Once across the road, continue along University Road for 16 meters until you reach the traffic lights on your right hand side. The path is slabbed and mostly level with some places that have wobbly or uneven slabs.
  • The button is 100cm high on both sides of the traffic lights. Cross University street to the other side using the dropped curbs with tactile paving on both sides. The road is 14 meters wide and has a very slight curve with the highest point in the middle of the road.

Traffic Lights to Lanyon Building

  • Once you have crossed University Road, the Lanyon Building is directly in front of you. Enter the grounds of the building via a gate directly ahead. The gate is permanently held open and has a width of 130cm. Enter the grounds of the building and follow the path for 28 meters along to the front of the building. The path is mostly level with some places that are uneven. Please see the Lanyon Building access guide for more information.