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Rotherham Interchange to Rotherham Civic Theatre

Rotherham Interchange, Frederick Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1QB

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Route Information

  • The following information describes the route from Rotherham Bus Interchange to the Civic Theatre.
  • The approximate distance of this route is 800m.
  • The route takes approximately 10-20 minutes.
  • The route leads along Drummond Street to Wharncliffe Street, across Percy Road and down Catherine Street.
  • The majority of paths along the route are concrete paving with moderate and steep gradients in places.
  • There is public parking located above the bus interchange in the multi-storey car park.
  • The potential hazards on this route include; busy roads, crossing points and congested pathways.

Starting Point - Rotherham Interchange

Water Street to Drummond Street

  • Exit the Interchange East - A10 Entrance and turn right.
  • There is a crossing immediately in front of you.
  • The crossing point consists of two road crossings.
  • The first crossing is for buses exiting the Interchange and the second crossing is Water Street.
  • At both crossing points traffic is coming from your right.
  • The crossing points are level with tactile paving.
  • Cross both crossings and carry on for 15m until you reach the crossing just before Effingham Square.
  • The crossing is level and has tactile paving.
  • Traffic is coming from the left.
  • Cross at the crossing onto Effingham Square.
  • Turn left and walk forward 15m this is Drummond Street.

Drummond Street to Wharncliffe Street

  • Follow Drummond Street up the hill and to the right past the bench seating.
  • The slope becomes a moderate gradient.
  • After the line of bollards cross Henry Street.
  • The crossing is level with tactile paving to both sides.
  • Traffic is coming from both sides.
  • Continue up Drummond Street for 25m past the indoor market on the right.
  • The gradient becomes steep and the surface alternates between block paving and concrete paving.
  • Cross over Eastwood Lane.
  • The crossing has tactile paving and dropped kerbs to each side.
  • Traffic is coming from the right.
  • Once across Eastwood Lane, Drummond Street becomes Wharncliffe Street.

Wharncliffe Street to Percy Street

  • Continue up Wharncliffe Street with the College on your right.
  • The slope is moderate and the pavement surface changes to tarmac.
  • Percy Street is at the top.

Percy Street to Catherine Street

  • Cross Percy Street at the tactile paving then turn right so that the car park is on your left.
  • Proceed along Percy Street until you reach Catherine Street.
  • Cross Catherine Street at the dropped kerbs and tactile paving.
  • Turn left down Catherine Street on a moderate gradient path.

Catherine Street to Rotherham Civic Theatre

  • There are two side roads with dropped kerbs to cross before approaching the Civic Theatre main entrance towards the end of the street on the right.

Finishing Point - Rotherham Visitor Centre)

Finishing Point - Rotherham Civic Theatre