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Eltham Park

Eltham Park Gardens, Eltham, London, SE9 1AG

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    • This is a large park divided into north and south areas.
    • It is crossed by the railway line and A2 road.
    • The areas are connected by a footbridge in the middle of the park.
    • The southern section is accessed from Glenesk Road.
    • All the facilities are in this section.
    • The northern section is accessed from Rochester Way. It includes Shepherdleas Woods and a pond.
    • The park is on the route of the Green Chain Walk.
    • It connects with Oxleas Woods to the north and Avery Hill Park to the south.


  • This venue is situated in Greenwich.
  • There is a bus stop within 150m (164yds) of the venue.
  • The nearest mainline station is Falconwood.
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    • Bus routes are on Bexley Road, Rochester Way and Riefield Road.

Opening Times

  • The venue is open 24hrs.
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    • The park is mainly unfenced and there is free access.
    • There is no street lighting in the park.


  • The venue does have its own car park.
  • Venue Car Park View
    • Parking is free for all users.
    • The car park type is open air/surface.
    • The car park is off Glenesk Road, opposite Glenlea Road.
    • There are 0 designated parking bay(s) within the car park.
    • The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance.
    • Assistance may be required because there is / are slopes/ramps.
    • The car park surface is tarmac.
    • There is a dropped kerb / non stepped access from the car park to the venue.
    • The patron does not have to cross a road.
    • The car park does not have a height restriction barrier.
  • Drop-off Point View
    • There is not a designated drop off point.
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    • The car park barrier is locked at dusk.
    • This can vary from 16:00 in winter to 20:00 in summer.
    • Please see signs in the car park for details.
    • There is unrestricted on-street parking in Rochester Way, Eltham Park Gardens and Glenesk Road.
    • Picture 3 shows Glenesk Road.

Access From Glenesk Road

  • The park boundary on Glenesk Road is unfenced.
  • There is free access onto the grassed areas.
  • There are two main tarmac paths into the park.
  • The paths are generally wide, smooth and level or with easy slopes.
  • The path nearest to the playground has a small area of uneven crazy paving where it meets the pavement.

Access From Eltham Park Gardens

  • This entrance is at the end of Eltham Park Gardens (cul-de-sac) off Glenesk Road, north of the A2.
  • It leads to the northern section of the park.
  • There are two pedestrian entrances off this road.
  • Each one has a kissing gate.
  • The minimum width is at least 90cm.
  • The right hand gate also has a Radar key padlock to open the front gate for easier access (clear opening 100cm).
  • There is an area of cobbled paving in front of this gate.
  • The right hand gate leads to a steep path.
  • There are very uneven surfaces in front of and within the enclosure of the left hand kissing gate.
  • There are some moderate slopes on the paths in this area.
  • The tarmac paths continue from this entrance to the pond.
  • Paths after the pond towards the footbridge are level but unmade.
  • Near the A2 the path to the footbridge is unmade.

Access from Rochester Way

  • The boundary on Rochester Way is mainly unfenced with free access into Shepherdleas Woods.
  • There are several signposted footpaths into the woods.
  • There is a tarmac path from the pavement to the edge of the woods.
  • In the woods the paths are unmade with some moderate and steep slopes.
  • Paths are uneven and often muddy.

Inside Access

  • Motorised scooters are welcomed in public parts of the venue.
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    • Paths in the south section of the park are generally wide, smooth tarmac.
    • Paths are level or with easy slopes.
    • In the wooded sections to the north paths are unmade and sometimes uneven.
    • The footbridge linking the two areas is wide with an easy slope.
    • There is also a surfaced path running parallel with the A2.
    • This connects with Riefield Lane near the station.
    • There is an outdoor gym area near to the playground.

Eating and Drinking (Eltham Park South Cafe)

  • The following information is for the cafe.
  • Food or drinks are ordered from the service counter.
  • Food or drinks can be brought to the table.
  • There is not a lowered section at the counter.
  • There is ample room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre.
  • Plastic cups are available.
  • Plastic cutlery is available.
  • Drinking straws are available on request.
  • Menus are wall only.
  • Menus are clearly written.
  • Menus are presented in contrasting colours.
  • The type of food served here is hot and cold meals and snacks.
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    • The cafe is a kiosk with the counter facing the grassed picnic bench area.
    • There is a separate club room behind the cafe which provides indoor seating.
    • This room can be reserved for private functions where the cafe provides the catering.
    • The tables and chairs are not fixed.
    • Tables are 70cm high.
    • All the chairs have armrests.
    • There is a television on in this room.

Outside Access (Cafe Club Room)

  • This information is for the entrance located in the courtyard at the rear of the cafe building.
  • There is level access into the venue.
  • The main doors open away from you (push).
  • The doors are single width.
  • The doors are heavy.
  • The door opening is 80cm (2ft 7in) wide.
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    • There is also a small enclosed grassed area with picnic benches linked to the club house building.


  • The playground is located near Glenesk Road and the car park.
  • Entrance from the paths is by a heavy inward opening gate.
  • The gate is 100cm wide.
  • There are other entrance gates from the grassed areas.
  • The playground is generally level or with easy slopes.
  • There are some uneven areas where the tarmac joins the rubber safeplay surface.
  • Equipment includes a level access roundabout.

Accessible Toilet

  • There are not accessible toilet facilities within this venue.

Standard Toilet(s)

Level Change (Standard Toilets)

  • There are steps to access this area / service.
  • The steps are located at the door threshold.
  • There is / are 1 step(s) to the area / service.
  • The step(s) is/are not clearly marked.
  • The steps are shallow.
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    • There is a further shallow, unmarked step up into the toilet cubicles.

Additional Info

  • There are benches located next to the paths in the park and in the playground.
  • There is also a fenced picnic area with benches set on grass near to the playground.
  • Dogs (other than assistance dogs) are not permitted in the playground or enclosed picnic area.
  • The all-weather tennis courts and the table tennis table are located near to the cafe building and toilets.
  • These are approximately 250m from Glenesk Road.