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Route Plan - Woolwich Arsenal Station to Woolwich Town Hall

Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, London, SE18 6EU

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    • This guide describes the routes from Woolwich Arsenal Station to Woolwich Town Hall. .
    • There are two starting points described: The first is from the Woolwich New Road station exit, which connects to the DLR platforms and is also the step-free accessible route to the street from the mainline rail platforms.
    • The approximate distance of this route is 310m.
    • The route takes approximately 5 minutes.
    • This route crosses Woolwich New Road to go diagonally across General Gordon Square to Wellington Street. .
    • The second route starts from the DLR Town Centre exit at the junction of Green Ends and Powis Street.
    • This is the best route if arriving by DLR.
    • The approximate distance of this route is 290m.
    • The route takes approximately 3 - 5 minutes.
    • This route leads up Green Ends and crosses Thomas Street to Wellington Street.
    • Both routes meet at the junction of Green Ends and Thomas Street, outside the Wimpy restaurant and follow the same route from that point.

1 - Woolwich New Road station exit to zebra crossing

  • From the Woolwich New Road DLR exit, turn left down the slope then go ahead past the bus stop towards the mainline station entrance.
  • Use the zebra crossing to cross over Woolwich New Road.
  • There is tactile paving at the crossing which is raised level with the pavement.

2 - Zebra crossing to General Gordon Square

  • After the crossing, bear left up the easy slope into General Gordon Square then take the wide path diagonally to the left across the square.
  • There is a long easy uphill slope on this path.
  • In some areas, the low walls on each side of the path are a suitable height to be used as seats.
  • There is a very large screen television on the grassed area to the left of this path which can be heard throughout the square.

3 - General Gordon Square to Thomas Street

  • Continue along the broad uphill path across General Gordon Square.
  • When the path meets Thomas Street at the top, turn right.
  • Use the pedestrian crossing to cross over Greens End towards the Wimpy restaurant.
  • There is tactile paving at the pedestrian crossing which is raised level with the pavement.
  • Continue to follow the route from step 6.

4 - Greens End/ Powis Station Exit to Greens End

  • There is level access out of the station at this entrance.
  • Turn left from the entrance towards the NatWest bank then head left up Greens End.
  • There are often market stalls in this location and the area is pedestrianised when the market is taking place.
  • There may be some vehicles moving when the stalls are being set up or taken down.
  • Continue past the stalls up Greens End, keeping to the right hand side in front of the shops.

5 - Greens End to Thomas Street

  • Continue up Greens End past the shop fronts to the Wimpy restaurant at the corner of Greens End and Thomas Street.
  • There is a long, gentle uphill slope in this area.

6 - Thomas Street to Wellington Street

  • With the Wimpy behind you, use the pedestrian crossing to cross over Thomas Street.
  • There is tactile paving and dropped kerbs at the crossing.
  • On the other side, turn left then follow the pavement round the corner to the right into Wellington Street.

7 - Wellington Street to Polytechnic Street

  • Continue up Wellington Street, ignoring the tactile paving to mark a crossing to the left.
  • There is a continuous uphill slope on Wellington Street.
  • Pass the black telephone box and continue up to the junction with the side road Polytechnic Street.

8 - Polytechnic Street to the Town Hall Accessible Entrance

  • Crossover Polytechnic Street.
  • There is tactile paving to mark the crossing point which is level with the pavement.
  • Continue ahead up Wellington Street.
  • In February 2018 there were building works in this section and the pavement was narrowed between the site hoardings and the street tree and rubbish bin.
  • Immediately after the site hoardings, turn right for the accessible entrance to the Town Hall.
  • This entrance leads through to a courtyard and the lift up to ground floor level.

9 - Extension to Town Hall Main Entrance and the Woolwich Centre

  • For the Town Hall main entrance, continue uphill past the accessible entrance to the steps on the right.
  • There are 16 steps up to this entrance.
  • For the Woolwich Centre, cross over Wellington Street at the pedestrian controlled crossing outside the Town Hall main entrance.
  • There is tactile paving at this crossing which is raised level with the pavement.
  • The stepped access to the Woolwich Centre is directly ahead.
  • For the step-free route, turn right and continue up Wellington Street for the ramp to the entrance.

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