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Route - Troon Station to Troon Beach

St Meddans Street, Troon, South Ayrshire, KA10 6JY

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St Meddans Street

  • Exit the station and turn left onto St Meddans Street.
  • There is a long moderate slope leading down from the station.
  • The St Meddans Street pavement is level and has a tarmac surface.

Junction St Meddans Street - Barassie Street

  • Continue forward along St Meddans Street across the junction with Barassie Street.
  • The junction has dropped kerbs but no tactile markings.
  • The surface is tarmac.
  • Barassie Street is used to exit the station on to St Meddans Street for northbound services.
  • Barassie Street has a moderate slope leading down from the station.

St Meddans Street Continued

  • Continue along St Meddans Street towards St Meddans Church across and on the right at the Bentinck Drive Junction.
  • The pavement has a tarmac surface with some easy slopes for dropped kerbs in places.

Junction Crossing St Meddans Street - Bentinck Drive

  • There is no direct crossing for the Bentinck Drive junction, so the central islands on both sides of St Meddans Street close to the junction can be used.
  • Cross to the central refuge island on St Meddans Street before Bentinck Drive.
  • The central refuge island is intended for crossing St Meddans Street but also offers a solid white line traffic restricted area facing across Bentinck Drive.
  • Cross Bentinck Drive to the opposite central island and then cross to the other side of St Meddans Street near the church.
  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile paving on each side of St Meddans Street.
  • The refuge islands have raised areas on the tarmac of the road but offer no dropped kerbs or tactile areas.
  • Alternatively, turn left onto Bentinck Drive and cross it using the dropped kerbs for driveways around 50m away from the junction.

St Meddans Street

  • Continue past St Meddans Church on the right towards South Beach.
  • The pavement is a new smooth tarmac with some dropped kerbs towards later driveways at the far end.

Junction St Meddans Street - South Beach

  • The pavement surface changes back to tarmac before crossing South Beach.
  • There are dropped kerbs with no tactile markings.
  • The entrance/exit to South Beach Road Car Park is just beyond the junction on St Meddans Street.

St Meddans - Promenade

  • At the end of St Meddans Street the tarmac pavement surface continues onto the promenade surface.
  • There is an easy slope leading towards the shore with widely spaced bollards to indicate the pedestrianised promenade area.
  • St Meddans Public Toilets are located to the right here.

Troon Beach

  • You have arrived.
  • There is an area with a cobbled surface before a moderate ramp to the sandy beach.
  • The pedestrian walkway is beside the stone wall along the shore.
  • There is a sunken kerb with a clearly marked cycle lane beside this.
  • The promenade is tarmac with an easy camber towards the shore.