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Route - Girvan Train Station to Girvan Golf Course

Vicarton Street, Girvan, South Ayrshire, KA26 9HF

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Crossing - Station to Vicarton Street

  • Exit the station onto Vicarton Street.
  • There is a moderate slope leading down from the station on the tarmac surface.
  • Cross the road using the raised block paving crossing.
  • This is a raised-to-pavement level speedbump in the station car park.
  • There is a block paving surface on the left side of the road which has a moderate slope.

Vicarton Street

  • Follow the pavement down from the station car park round to the left onto Vicarton Street.
  • The surface changes to concrete after the corner.
  • Continue along the street where the pavement narrows and pass Asda on the right.
  • There is an easy uphill slope towards the traffic lights.

Junction - Vicarton Street/Montgomerie Street

  • Continue along Vicarton Street and pass the traffic lights which have tactile paving.
  • The lights offer a pedestrian crossing to Asda.
  • Follow the tarmac pavement round to the left onto Montgomorie Street until you reach the lowered kerb at Montgomorie Place, next to China Moon restaurant.
  • Cross Montgomorie Street here where there are dropped kerbs on both sides.
  • There is no tactile paving, although there are hatched markings on the road at this area to indicate Montgomorie Place.
  • Once across, continue back along to the right on to Old Street, which is a continuation of Vicarton Street.

Old Street

  • Continue along Old Street and follow it round to the left.
  • There is a level surface until the bend where there is a moderate slope down past the Flushes Car Park.
  • Cross the entrance road to Flushes Car Park and continue along Old Street.
  • There are dropped kerbs on both sides with no tactile paving.
  • The public toilets are sign-posted at the car park entrance but are more easily accessed from further along Old Street beyond the Ultimate Angler store.

Crossing - Old Street

  • Continue past Ultimate Angler on old street until the telephone box where there is a dropped kerb.
  • There is a road sign in the centre of the pavement just prior to this which can be navigated around to the left.
  • Flushes public toilets can also be accessed over to the left of the car park from here.
  • Cross Old Street towards the driveway gate which offers a lowered kerb.
  • There is no tactile paving on either side of the road.

Old Street - Bridge Street

  • Turn right after crossing Old Street passing Aid 2 Ability and follow the pavement round to the left onto Bridge Street.
  • The surface is level tarmac with some uneven patches in places.

Bridge Street

  • Continue along Bridge Street and follow the pavement round to the left on to the bridge.
  • There is an easy slope on to the bridge which has a concrete surface.

Crossing - Bridge Street/Golf Course Road

  • There is a tarmac surface after the bridge and a dropped kerb with no tactile pavement on to the road.
  • Cross over to the right on to Golf Course Road at the opposite side of the bridge.
  • There is no pavement available on this road which runs alongside the river.
  • Note: The steep pavement slope to the left leads up to 2 medium steps at the top, then to a path to another section of the same road which does offer a pavement and runs parallel to this section.

Golf Course Road

  • There is a long moderate slope leading up Golf Course Road.
  • Continue along the road until it levels off and there is a junction to the left.
  • The surface is tarmac.

Junction - Golf Course Road

  • Turn left at the junction which leads towards the coast and golf course.
  • There is a pavement available here on the left with a dropped kerb with no tactile paving.
  • The level surface is tarmac then uneven concrete halfway along the road.
  • Continue to the end of the road which faces onto the starter's office car park on the other side.
  • The clubhouse is located further up the hill to the right.

Crossing - Golf Course Road

  • Cross the road to the right hand side to continue to the clubhouse.
  • There are no dropped kerbs or tactile paving here.
  • Continue along the road up the hill which has a moderate slope.
  • The pavement has a concrete surface until it reaches the adjoining clubhouse car park at the top which is tarmac.
  • You have arrived.