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Route from Main Campus to Horton Halls

St George's, University of London, SW17 0RE

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    • This route plan covers the journey from the Main Campus to the Horton Halls student accommodation. The route covers a distance of approximately 1.1 miles (1.8km). For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 22 minutes to walk.
    • Along the route there are easy slopes, some uneven surfaces and drop kerbs.
    • The surfaces along the route are block paving and tarmac.

Hunter Wing to Garratt Lane

  • Leave the Hunter Wing (shown in photograph 1) and follow the path 20m towards the zebra crossing. There is an easy slope leading to bollards with an opening width of 140cm (shown in photographs 2 and 3).
  • Use the zebra crossing to which has tactile paving to cross Cranmer Terrace (shown in photograph 4).
  • After crossing, turn left and continue 34m along Cranmer Terrace until you go through a gate with a width 95cm (shown in photographs 5, 6 and 7).
  • Continue further down Cranmer Terrace passing Tooting Gardens Park on the right hand side (shown in photograph 8).
  • There is mix of block and slab paving along Cranmer Terrace with dropped paving access to driveways (shown in photographs 9, 10 and 11).
  • Continue a further 70m along Cranmer Terrace from the gate to Fountain Road (shown in photograph 12).
  • Turn right onto Fountain Road and continue for 40m to the crossing on the left (shown in photograph 13).
  • Use the crossing with a dropped kerb and tactile paving to cross Fountain Road before continuing to follow the road to the right for 160m until reaching Garratt Lane (shown in photographs 14 and 15).
  • Turn left upon reaching Garratt Lane (shown in photograph 16).

Garratt Lane to Garratt Lane Zebra Crossing

  • Continue along Garratt Lane for 38m before crossing over Fairlight Road using the dropped kerb which has no tactile paving (shown in photograph 3).
  • Continue on Garratt Lane for a further 30m before crossing Khartoum Road using the dropped kerb which has no tactile paving (shown in photograph 5).
  • After a further 36m on Garratt Lane cross over Rostella Road using the dropped kerb with tactile paving (shown in photograph 7).
  • Continue along Garratt Lane for a further 25m to the zebra crossing (shown in photograph 10).
  • There are a number of obstructions along Garratt Lane such as bus stops, bins and lampposts.

Garratt Lane Zebra Crossing to Strathdon Drive

  • Use the zebra crossing to cross Garrett Lane and follow the path to the left to continue along Garrett Lane (shown in photographs 1 and 2). The zebra crossing has a drop kerb and tactile paving.
  • Continue for 60m to the cemetery entrance (the path bends to the right and the crossing is shorter immediately outside the cemetery entrance), use drop kerb to cross entrance road (shown in photographs 5 and 6).
  • Carry on along Garratt Lane, after 100m you will reach a dropped kerb (shown in photograph 8).
  • Continue for a further 70m to the Abonye housing estate alleyway on your right immediately after passing Moreton House on you right (the alleyway is shown in photograph 12).
  • Turn right into the alleyway, the opening of the path is restricted to a width of 95cm due to barriers.
  • Continue along the alleyway for 16m to access Strathdon Drive (shown in photographs 13 and 14).

Strathdon Drive to Deeside Road

  • Continue ahead to the path that leads through the green.
  • The path is restricted due to fencing with an opening width of 95cm (shown in photograph 1).
  • Follow the path through the green for 25m, the path has an uneven surface with slight slopes (shown in photograph 2).
  • At the end of path cross Strathdon Drive using the dropped kerb (shown in photographs 3 and 4).
  • Follow the path to the right and continue for 50m until reaching Deeside Road.
  • Turn left onto Deeside Road (shown in photograph 8).
  • At this point you can alternatively continue along Strathdon Drive by crossing the road and following Strathdon Road straight ahead of you (shown in photograph 9).

Deeside Road to St George's Grove

  • Continue along Deeside Road for 25m and cross Glentanner Road using the dropped kerb (shown in photograph 3).
  • Continue along Deeside Road for a further 94m crossing 3 cul-de-sacs each with a dropped kerb with no tactile paving (shown in photographs 6, 8 and 10).
  • Continue a further 20m to Strathdon Drive before turning left (shown in photograph 13) and following the path 39m to the end of Strathdon Drive where there is a dropped kerb to cross the road, you will pass St George's Grove which is on the other side of the road (shown in photograph 15).
  • Cross Strathdon Drive using the dropped kerb and turn right to follow the path back along Strathdon Drive towards St George's Grove (shown in photographs 16 and 17).
  • Follow the path for 20m before turning left onto St George's Grove (shown in photograph 18).

St George's Grove to Horton Halls

  • Continue for 10m along St George's Grove, at this point you will come to a crossing which doesn't have any dropped kerbs (shown in photographs 2 and 3).
  • You will need to leave the pavement at this point and continue on the road (shown in photograph 3).
  • There is then a dropped kerb a further 12m along the road to get back onto the pavement (shown in photograph 4).
  • St George's Grove is a quiet road which leads to the student halls of residence.
  • After a further 72m you will come to the student halls car park crossing which has a dropped kerb with tactile paving (shown in photograph 8).
  • After the car park crossing you are then at the Horton Halls entrance (shown in photograph 9).