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Route Plan 4 - Refectory to Reception

St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, London, TW1 4SX

Access Guide

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Refectory to the Main Reception Building. The journey is approximately 120m. For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 2 minutes to walk.

On exiting the refectory entrance, turn left and continue towards the refectory corridor entrance

  • The corridor surface is level.

On exiting the refectory corridor entrance, turn right and continue towards the Library

  • There is a single door that opens automatically away from you with a width of 84cm.
  • There is a moderate ramp in front of the entrance consisting of block paving.
  • The entrance and level change can be seen in photographs 1, 2 and 3.
  • The path at this section of this route is uneven.

After 20m, with the theatre on the right, turn left and continue towards the Chapel

  • The path in front of the library consists of paving slabs and is mostly uneven (as shown in photograph 1).
  • Head towards the left hand side of the path towards the opening (as shown in photograph 2).
  • Upon reaching the opening, there is an easy slope with no handrails leading up to the courtyard area in front of the chapel steps (as shown in photograph 4).
  • After crossing the courtyard, (as shown in photograph 5) there is another easy slope with no handrails heading down off the courtyard (as shown in photograph 6).
  • Continue ahead following the slope.

After 40m at the end of the Chapel courtyard, turn left

  • The path at this section of the route has a slight gradient from left to right with an uneven surface consisting of paving slabs.

After a further 7m, turn right and enter the cloistered walkway

  • There is a 100cm wide steep ramp with no handrails going up to access the cloistered area step free (as shown in photograph 1).
  • For stepped access to the cloistered area, there are 2 moderate steps with no handrails located to the right of the ramp (photograph 2).
  • The surface of the cloistered area is level and consists of paving slabs.
  • The walkway is mostly level with a large easy ramp going down approximately halfway along (as shown in photograph 4 and 5).
  • The cloistered walkway is 122cm wide at its narrowest point (photograph 7).
  • At the time of the survey (August 2020), there were signs on the path instructing to keep left for social distancing measures.

After 55m, enter the Main Reception Entrance

  • For step free access to the Main Reception, turn left and then right to enter via a sloped access with automatic door. The path has a brick block paving surface, uneven at the right turn (shown in photograph 2).
  • Alternatively, at the end of the cloistered walkway there is an entrance accessed by 2 medium steps (shown in photograph 4). At the time of the survey (August 2020) the door at the top of these steps was not being used as an entrance.