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Departures Gates 81-88

Stansted Airport, Bassingbourn Road, Essex, CM24 1QW

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Departure Lounge

Getting To Departure Gates

  • Access to the departure gates is via a slope and a footbridge from the Departure Lounge. The total walking distance of this route is approximately 220m (240 yd). There is a slope from the Departure Lounge to the footbridge. There are seats available at the bottom of the slope. The gradient of the slope is slight. The slope is approximately 40m (44yd) long. There are handrails on both side of the slope.
  • The type of flooring along the route is vinyl.
  • There is some flooring along the route which is shiny and could cause issues with glare or look slippery to some people.
  • There are not travelators available along the route.
  • Assistance vehicles are not available.
  • There are resting/seating areas along the route.
  • Wayfinding signage is available along the route.
  • The lighting levels along the route are good.


  • The distance between the footbridge and the Departure Gates is 170m (186yd).
  • There are two sets of doors as you access the footbridge.
  • These doors are double width and permanently held open.
  • The door widths are 165cm (5ft 5in) and 170cm (5ft 7in).
  • The gradient of the footbridge is slight.
  • There is another slope from the footbridge to the departure gates, this is generally slight but is steep in places.
  • This slope is approximately 60m (67yd) long.
  • There is a set of of doors as you access departures.
  • These doors are double width and permanently held open.
  • The doors are 182cm (5ft 11in)wide.
  • There is seating along the footbridge.

Departure Gates

  • Departure Gates Waiting Area View
    • The departure gate(s) in this area is/are gate(s) 81 - 88.
    • There is seating available at the departure gate(s).
    • There is a mixture of seating with and without armrests.
    • There is designated seating available for people with reduced mobility.
    • The type of flooring in the departure gate(s) is vinyl.
    • There is some flooring which is shiny and could cause issues with glare or look slippery to some people.
    • The lighting levels are good.
  • Departure Gate Details View
    • There is clear signage to the departure gate(s).
    • A documentation check desk is available at gate(s) all.
    • The height of the documentation check desk(s) is very high (111cm+).
    • There is a double, heavy, manual doors with an opening width of 75cm+ for access to the airbridge/tarmac.
  • Boarding View
    • There is stepped access to the aircraft via the tarmac from departure gate(s) 81 - 88.
    • There is an Ambulift available.
    • The accessibility of the individual aircraft varies depending on the provider. Please contact your airline company prior to booking for more information.
    • This information is for the entrance located either side after exiting the lift to access the aircraft.
      The entrance area/door is not clearly signed but there is step-free access at this entrance.
      The entrance door(s) does not/do not contrast visually with its immediate surroundings.
      The main door(s) open(s) away from you (push) and the door(s) is/are double width with an opening of 220cm.
      There is a member of staff available for assistance at this entrance and the entrance can be seen in photograph 10.

Accessible Toilet (Right Hand Transfer)

  • Accessible toilet facilities are available.
  • Location and Access View
    • The toilet is not for the sole use of disabled people.
    • There is Braille, pictorial, written text and ‘Not All Disabilities Are Visible’ signage on or near the toilet door.
    • This accessible toilet is located next to departure gate 86.
    • There is level access to this accessible toilet.
  • Features and Dimensions View
    • This is a shared toilet.
    • A key is not required for the accessible toilet.
    • The door opens outwards.
    • The door is locked by a twist lock.
    • The width of the accessible toilet door is 86cm (2ft 10in).
    • The door may be difficult to open.
    • The dimensions of the accessible toilet are 180cm x 280cm (5ft 11in x 9ft 2in).
    • There is a clear 150cm x 150cm manoeuvring space in the accessible toilet.
    • There is a lateral transfer space.
    • As you face the toilet pan the transfer space is on the right.
    • The lateral transfer space is 100cm (3ft 3in).
    • There is no dropdown rail for the toilet.
    • There is a flush on the transfer side.
    • The tap type is sensor.
    • There is a mixer tap.
    • There is an emergency alarm in the cubicle.
    • The emergency pull cord alarm is not fully functional.
    • The alarm was out of reach (higher than 10cm (4") from floor) when surveyed.
    • Disposal facilities are available in the cubicle.
    • There is not a/are not coat hook(s).
  • Position of Fixtures View
    • Wall mounted grab rails are available for the toilet.
    • As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rails are on the left.
    • There is a shelf within the accessible toilet.
    • The shelf is not higher than 95cm (3ft 1in).
    • There is a mirror.
    • Mirrors are not placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use.
    • The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 48cm (1ft 7in).
    • There is a hand dryer.
    • The hand dryer cannot be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The hand dryer is not placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in).
    • There is a towel dispenser.
    • The towel dispenser can be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The towel dispenser is placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in).
    • The height of the towel dispenser is 130cm (4ft 3in).
    • There is a toilet roll holder.
    • The toilet roll holder can be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The toilet roll holder is placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in).
    • The height of the toilet roll holder is 105cm (3ft 5in).
    • There is a wash basin.
    • The wash basin can be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The wash basin is not placed higher than 74cm (2ft 5in).
    • There is a soap dispenser.
    • The soap dispenser can be reached from seated on the toilet.
    • The height of the soap dispenser is 110cm.
  • Colour Contrast and Lighting View
    • There is a low colour contrast between the internal door and wall.
    • The contrast between the external door and wall is poor.
    • The contrast between the wall-mounted grab rail(s) and wall is fair.
    • The contrast between the walls and floor is poor.
    • The lighting levels are moderate to good.
  • Baby Change Facilities View
    • Baby changing facilities are available within this accessible toilet.
    • The height of the baby change table once extended is 95cm (3ft 1in).

Standard Toilet(s)

Step(s) (To the Aircraft)

  • There is a/are step(s) located after the departure gate.
  • The step(s) is/are used to access the aircraft.
  • There is/are 15+ step(s).
  • The step(s) is/are clearly marked.
  • The height of the step(s) is/are between 15cm and 18cm.
  • The height of the step(s) is/are 18cm.
  • The going of the step(s) is/are between 30cm and 45cm.
  • There is a/are handrail(s) at the step(s).
  • The handrail(s) is/are on both sides.
  • Handrails are at the recommended height (90cm-100cm).
  • Handrails do cover the flight of stairs throughout its length.
  • Handrails are easy to grip.
  • Handrails do not extend horizontally beyond the first and last steps.
  • The lighting levels at the step(s) are good.

Lift (Departures Gates to Accessible Transport)

  • There is a lift for public use.
  • The lift is located along the Departure Gates waiting area.
  • The lift is a standard lift.
  • Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift.
  • The dimensions of the lift are 160cm x 215cm (5ft 3in x 7ft 1in).
  • The clear door width is 120cm (3ft 11in).
  • There are not separate entry and exit doors in the lift.
  • There is not a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift.
  • The lift does have a visual floor indicator.
  • The lift does have an audible announcer.
  • The controls for the lift are within 90cm - 120cm from the floor.
  • The lighting level in the lift is medium.
  • The lift does have Braille markings.
  • The lift does have tactile markings.

Accessible Mini Bus and Ambulift

  • Stansted Airport provide a range of accessible transport, including mini buses and Ambulift vehicles.
  • An Ambulift is used to board and disembark passengers who need full assistance.
  • The Ambulift can be used to collect passengers from the Departure Gate Piers or drop off at the arrivals entrance.
  • Mini buses can used to transport passengers with mobility restrictions from the Departure Gate piers to aircraft or from the aircraft to the arrivals entrance.
  • Passengers using the mini bus can board or disembark the aircraft using the Ambulift or the aircraft steps.