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St Anselm Hall

The University of Manchester, Kent Road East, Victoria Park, Manchester, M14 5BX

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  • The venue is situated within the centre of the town or city.
  • This venue is situated in Manchester.
  • The venue is not situated on a road which has a steep gradient.
  • The nearest mainline station is Ardwick.


  • The venue does have its own car park.
  • Parking is not free for all users.
  • Parking is not free for Blue Badge holders.
  • The car park type is open air/surface.
  • There are 0 designated parking bay(s) within the car park.
  • The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user unaided.
  • The car park surface is tarmac.
  • There is not a designated drop off point.
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    • The convenient dropoff point is located in front of the Main Entrance
    • .

Outside Access (St Anselm Hall - Main Entrance)

  • There is not level access into the venue.
  • The main doors open away from you (push).
  • The doors are double width.
  • The doors are heavy.
  • The door opening is 178cm (5ft) wide.

Level Change (St Anselm Hall - Main Entrance)

  • There is not a ramp or slope to access this service.
  • There are steps to access this area / service.
  • There is / are 2 step(s) to the area / service.
  • The step(s) is/are not clearly marked.
  • The steps are deep.
  • The steps do not have handrails.

Inside Access

  • There is not level access to the service.
  • There is not a hearing assistance system.
  • This venue does not play background music.
  • Lighting levels are bright.

Level Change (Inside Access)

  • The building is accessed throughout by several sets of medium steps which are located at the rear entrance, in front of the office and also on the right inside the front entrance.
  • Once these steps have been overcome there is level access along all corridors.
  • The photograph shows the steps located in front of the office.

Other Floors

  • Steps View
    • The floors which are accessible by stairs are G - 2.
    • There are 15+ steps between floors.
    • The lighting level is bright.
    • The steps are clearly marked.
    • The steps are deep.
    • The steps do have handrails.
    • The steps have a handrail on the right going up.
    • There is a landing.
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    • These details are for the main stairs located centrally in the building at the rear of the office.
    • There are alternative sets of stairs at either end of the building and the details are the same for all sets of stairs.


  • There is not a lift for public use.


Standard Toilet(s)

Additional Info

  • Staff do receive disability awareness / equality training.
  • Documents can be requested in Braille.
  • Documents can be requested in large print.
  • A member of staff trained in BSL skills is not generally on duty.
  • This service can be requested.