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Route 6: Quad to Cruciform

Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

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  • The following information describes the route from the Main Quad to the Cruciform Building via Gower Street.
  • The approximate distance of this route is 100m.
  • The route takes approximately 2 minutes.
  • The majority of paths along the route consist of tarmac or block paving with some slight gradients in places.
  • The potential hazards on this route include; busy roads, crossing points (Gower Street) and congested pathways.
  • For further information regarding the Cruciform Building please click here.

Main Quad

  • The Main Quad is located off Gower Street.
  • At the entrance/exit of the Main Quad there are two 85cm wide gates for pedestrians (photographs 6 and 7).
  • These gates are located on either side of the 330cm wide main gate used by both vehicles and pedestrians (photograph 5).
  • There are also bollards located immediately beyond/before the gates as you enter/exit the Main Quad (photograph 5).
  • These bollards have gaps between 90cm-120cm wide.
  • The Chadwick, Pearson, North Wing and Wilkins Buildings can be accessed via the Main Quad.
  • Only the Chadwick, Pearson and Wilkins Building are accessible via external ramps.
  • Please see the relevant access guides for further information regarding access to these buildings.
  • The majority of the Main Quad has a tarmac surface.
  • The tarmac is loose in places.
  • There are easy gradients throughout the Main Quad including on the pedestrian pathways.
  • The pathways (photograph 8) consist mostly of block paving and are narrow and uneven in places.
  • There is ample seating available in the form of wooden benches (photograph 9).
  • These are located along the entirety of the pathways.
  • There are 2 Blue Badge bays available within the quad (photographs 10 and 11).
  • These are located on either side of the main building.
  • There is an information point located at the front lodge, on the left hand side of the Main Quad entrance/exit gates (photograph 12).
  • Please see the relevant access guide for further information regarding the front lodge information point.

Main Quad to Gower Street Crossing

  • As you exit the Quad, turn right and head towards the road crossing approximately 40 metres along Gower Street.
  • The path along this section of the route consists mostly of tarmac, with sections of brick paving and concrete when exiting the quad.
  • The path is mostly level and even with easy gradients in places.
  • The path narrows in places due to obstructions such as lampposts and transformer boxes.

Gower Street Crossing

  • The crossing has tactile paving and dropped kerbs on both sides of the road.
  • There are moderate gradients between the path and the road on both sides.
  • The road surface consists of tarmac and is uneven in places.
  • The crossing is controlled by visual signals.
  • The visual signals are activated via push buttons. These are between the heights of 95cm and 105cm.
  • There are rotating cones located at the base of the push button boxes to indicate when it is safe to cross.
  • Caution is advised when crossing because of traffic.
  • The traffic flow is from the right hand side.

Gower Street Crossing to Cruciform Building

  • Having crossed, turn left and continue back along Gower Place for approximately 35 metres to the main entrance of the Cruciform Building.
  • The entrance is located to the right.
  • After approximately 25 metres the ramped access to the main entrance is also located to the right.
  • The path along this section of the route consists of tarmac.
  • The path is mostly level and even with easy gradients in places.
  • For further information regarding access into the Cruciform Building please see the relevant access guide.