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Badock Hall Block 1

Stoke Park Road, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, City of Bristol, BS9 1JQ

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Getting Here

  • By Road View
    • From the main university buildings and the city centre follow the A4018 along Whiteladies Road towards Westbury on Trym.
      At the top of the hill head across The Downs open space on Stoke Road, through the traffic lights and take the second turning on the right, Stoke Park Road which is signposted Botanic Garden.
      Badock Hall is approximately 500m down the road on the right.
    • There is limited parking on site for students and visitors.
      The car park is in the centre of the site.
      There are 2 Blue Badge bays and a drop off area.
  • By Bus View
    • University buses serve the main university buildings and arrive at the Transport Hub which is on the Hiatt Baker Hall campus.
      From the Transport Hub the route is through the University Hall campus (University Close) and onto the steep footpath leading down to Hollymead Lane.
      There are access paths from the footpath to Badock Hall main building and Blocks 1-6.
  • By Train View
    • The nearest station is Clifton Down Station, located off Whiteladies Road, approximately 1.6 miles from Badock Hall.
      The main railway station, Bristol Temple Meads is approximately 5 miles away.
  • Useful Links View

Useful Information

Building Parking

  • The building does have its own dedicated parking.
  • Building Car Park View
    • The car park can be used by permit holders.
    • The car park is located in the centre of the site.
    • The car park type is open air/surface.
    • The car park does not have a height restriction barrier.
    • Designated Blue Badge parking bays are available.
    • There is/are 3 designated parking bay(s) within the car park.
    • The Blue Badge bay(s) is/are clearly marked and signposted.
    • The dimensions of the designated parking bay(s) are 370cm x 584cm (12ft 2in x 19ft 2in).
    • The dimensions of the designated bays do vary in size.
    • Parking spaces for Blue Badge holders do not need to be booked in advance.
    • The nearest designated bay is 36m (39yd 1ft) from the main entrance.
    • The route from the car park to the building is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance.
    • Assistance may be required because there is / are slopes/ramps.
    • The car park surface is tarmac.
  • Site/Campus Car Parks View
    • There is not a site/campus car park within approximately 200m.
  • Public Car Parks View
    • There is not a car park for public use within 200m (approx).
  • On Street Parking View
    • Clearly signed and / or standard marked parking bays are not available.
  • Drop Off Point View
    • There is a designated drop off point.
    • There is not a dropped kerb from the drop off point.
    • The drop off point is located to the right as you enter the car park.
  • Comments View
    • The Residential Halls have a parking permit system in place.
    • Student Permits are free for Blue Badge holders (or where permission has been granted).
    • Visitors with disabilities do not require a permit but must display their Blue Badge.
    • For more information, please see the Parking at Residences webpage (link in Useful Information).
    • The parking is limited, less than 100 spaces for 443 students plus staff. There are also over 70 covered bicycle stands.
    • All access within the site is sloping or stepped.

Getting Around (Badock Hall Site)

  • Access View
    • There is/are 10+ unmarked step(s), with handrails on both sides, for access to the main building from the car park.
    • The step(s) is/are medium (11cm - 17cm).
    • There is a steep slope, with no handrails, for access to the path leading to the main building and annexe from the car park.
    • The ramp or slope does bypass the step(s).
    • There is a steep roadway leading from the car park to the service area for the main building and blocks 2 - 5.
      The steps in level change 1 are shown in photographs 1 and 2.
      The roadway is shown in photograph 3.
    • There is/are 10+ unmarked step(s), with handrails on both sides, for access to the Blocks 6 - 10 area of the site from the main car park.
    • The step(s) is/are medium (11cm - 17cm).
    • These steps are shown in photograph 4.
      There is a handrail on the right covering all steps.
      There is a handrail on the left covering the top 10 steps only.
      There are ramped steps throughout the upper blocks.
      The steps are shallow and the slope of each step is steep.
      The ramped steps have a handrail.
      The side of the handrail varies from left to right.
      The ramped steps are shown in photographs 5 and 6.
    • There is/are 10+ unmarked step(s), with handrails on both sides, for access to the lower blocks from the main building.
    • The step(s) is/are medium (11cm - 17cm).
    • These steps are shown in photograph 7.
      The steep roadway also gives access to these blocks and overcomes the steps.
  • Comments View
    • The site is on a steep hill with stepped access throughout.

Outside Access (Block 1 Entrance)

  • Entrance View
    • This information is for the entrance located at the side of the block, to the rear of block 4.
    • There is ramped/sloped or stepped access at this entrance.
    • A key is required for access at this entrance.
    • The height of the card reader/lock is 93cm (3ft 1in).
    • There is a canopy or recess which provides weather protection at this entrance.
    • The main door(s) open(s) towards you (pull).
    • The door(s) is / are single.
    • The door(s) is / are heavy.
    • The width of the door opening is 70cm (2ft 4in).
  • Ramp/Slope View
    • There is a ramp/slope at this entrance.
    • The ramp/slope is located to the right and left as you face the entrance.
    • The ramp/slope gradient is steep.
  • Step(s) View
    • There is a / are step(s) at this entrance.
    • The step(s) is / are located leading from the rear of Block 4 and in front of Block 1.
    • There is / are 6 step(s) to access the entrance.
    • There is not tactile paving at the top and bottom of the step(s).
    • The step(s) is / are clearly marked.
    • The step(s) is / are medium (11cm - 17cm).
    • The steps do not have handrails.
  • Comments View
    • There are 5 steps leading to the entrance from the rear of Block 4.
    • There is 1 step in the doorway of Block 1.
    • The step in the doorway of Block 1 is not clearly marked.
    • The slope overcomes the 5 steps at the rear of Block 4.

Getting Around

  • Access View
    • There are not doors in corridors which have to be opened manually.
  • Getting Around View
    • There is not clear signage for building facilities/areas in the foyer/reception area.
    • There is no directional signage at key points of circulation routes.
    • There is some flooring in corridors which is shiny and could cause issues with glare or look slippery to some people.
    • There is high colour contrast between the walls and floor in all corridors.
    • The lighting levels are varied.
    • This building does not play background music.
    • There is not a hearing assistance system.

Other Floors

  • Steps View
    • The floors which are accessible by stairs are LG, G, 1, 2 and 3.
    • The stairs are located ahead as you enter the building.
    • The stairs are approximately 1m from the Block 1 entrance.
    • There are 15+ steps between floors.
    • The lighting levels are medium.
    • The steps are clearly marked.
    • The steps are medium (11cm - 17cm).
    • The steps do have handrails.
    • The steps have a handrail on the left going up.
    • There is a landing.
  • Other View
    • The area(s)/service(s) on the floors which are not accessible is/are all areas of the building.


  • Location of Accessible Accommodation View
    • The establishment provides 0 accessible accommodation facilities with an ensuite and/or separate accessible bathroom.
  • Ground Floor Rooms View
    • Ground floor rooms do not have level access.
    • Rooms are located to the left and right of the staircase as you enter via the Block 1 entrance.
    • Adjoining rooms are not available.
  • Standard Rooms on Other Floors View
    • There are standard rooms on other floors.
    • The other floors cannot be accessed by lift.
    • Adjoining rooms are not available.
  • Comments View
    • There is a bathroom on each floor of the block shared by all rooms on that floor.
    • The shared bathroom has toilets, sinks and showers.
    • There is 1 deep step to enter the shower, created by the shower tray.


  • There is a pantry on each floor of the block.
  • The pantry surveyed was on the ground floor.
  • The door opens away from you (push), and is heavy.
  • The door is single.
  • The clear opening width is 70cm.
  • The height of the worktops is 92cm.
  • There is a sink.
  • The height of the sink is 92cm.
  • The taps are separate twist/turn.
  • There is a fridge.
  • The height to the top of the handle is 83cm.
  • There is a microwave.
  • The height to the top control is 114cm.
  • There is also a kettle and toaster placed on the worktops.
  • The height of the plug sockets is 112cm.