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Brown Route - Main Gate to James Watt South - Internal route through main Gilbert Scott Building

University of Glasgow, University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Access Guide

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Main Gate on University Avenue through the internal Gilbert Scott Building path to the James Watt Building (South) on the South Front.
  • The journey is approximately 360m (0.22 mile).
    For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 5-6 minutes to cover.
    From the Gilbert Scott Building to the James Watt Building (South) there is then a long moderate downhill slope along the South Front.
    This section may be challenging to those with mobility difficulties, including the return journey uphill.
    This route also incorporates access to McIntyre Building, Security Gatehouse, Gilchrist Postgraduate Club, Adam Smith Business School, Kelvin Gallery, Memorial Chapel, Chaplaincy Offices, Hunter, Bute, Randolph Halls and Senate, Melville, Turnbull and Carnegie Rooms.

Enter via the Left Main Gate and Pass McIntyre Building

  • Pass through the left main gate from University Avenue, where the surface changes from concrete to paving slabs.
  • The McIntyre Building is on the left here.
  • Link to McIntyre Building.
  • There are chained bollards on the kerb side.
  • There is an easy ramp leading up to the entrance.
  • After the John McIntyre Building entrance, continue back down the easy ramp on the other side towards the junction corner.
  • Cross the entrance road beyond the barrier where there is a raised crossing.
  • The raised crossing has a lightly cobbled surface and there are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.

Enter via the Right Main Gate and Pass the Security Office

  • Enter the right main gate from University Avenue, where there is an easy slope in the archway and the concrete surface changes to paving slabs.
  • Follow the path round the crescent to the right then back out to the left and continue past the security desk to the corner.
  • Link to Security Gatehouse (Main Campus).

Cross the North Front

  • From the cobbled crossing diagonally cross over the road to the Gilbert Scott Building entrance.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on all sides.

Enter the Gilbert Scott Building

Use the Gilbert Scott Building Lift to the Floor Above

  • Use the lift on the left of the short corridor to go up to Level 2.
  • Exit the lift to the left and go through the immediate single door which opens towards you.
  • Go through the second set of doors which open away from you automatically.
  • This leads out to the West Quadrangle courtyard.
  • The Kelvin Gallery can be accessed by taking this lift up to Level 4.

Exit the Gilbert Scott Building into the West Quadrangle

  • When exiting the double doors there is an easy slope down into the West Quadrangle.
  • Continue ahead and turn left into the open courtyard.
  • There is a paved surface which is mainly level throughout.
  • There is a shallow gutter to be aware of towards the centre of the paved area near the bins.

Turn Left and Follow the West Quadrangle Path

  • Follow the wall and path on the left all the way round to the opposite end of the quadrangle.
  • There are benches along the walls.
  • Turn right at the end towards the central archways, keeping to the left to avoid an information pillar nearer the grass.
  • Turn left into the first archway entrance which is ramped.
  • The other arches have a medium step.

Access to Chaplaincy and University Memorial Chapel

  • For the Memorial Chapel, exit into West Quadrangle and keep to the right against the building.
  • The accessible entrance to Memorial Chapel is in the corner ahead.
  • For Chaplaincy Offices and Fore Hall use the same entrance and pass through the chapel to bypass the main steps.
  • For stepped or possible lift access head into the West Quadrangle and turn left, then turn right before the central grass area.
  • Continue across the courtyard to the south side of the quadrangle and turn right.
  • The Chaplaincy Office entrance is in the south west corner after an easy slope.
  • Link to Memorial Chapel
  • Link to Chaplaincy Offices.

Enter the Central Cloisters Arches Turning Right into the Gilbert Scott Building South

  • Use the easy ramp into the sheltered central arches area.
  • There are many arches within this area which create central and side corridor routes.
  • Turn to the right and follow this west side route to the end.
  • Turn left then right into the central internal entrance at the far end.

Access to the East Quadrangle Halls (Hunter, Bute and Randolph Halls)

  • From the ramped arch entrance into the Cloisters area continue straight ahead to the opposite arch.
  • Exit the arched area into the East Quadrangle where there is an easy slope down beyond the arch.
  • Turn left and follow the path into the left corner for the Hunter Halls entrance.
  • The Bute and Randolph halls are through the main doors here.
  • For the East Hunter Halls continue round to the right instead and along to the far left of the East Quadrangle.
  • Link to Bute and Randolph Halls
  • Link to Hunter Halls.

Continue through the Gilbert Scott Building towards the South Front Entrance

  • Use the double doors which open towards you to enter the south side of the Gilbert Scott Building.
  • Continue straight through the building towards the other side.
  • There are 2 sets of glass double doors which open towards you in this corridor.
  • The second set of glass doors are operated by a push pad to the right.
  • The next doors lead back outside to the South Front, with a ramp beyond the door to the right as you exit.
  • There are steps at the door on the left and both sets of double doors are held open.
  • This foyer area can be used to access the Committee and Senate rooms on the upper floors.
  • Link to Carnegie Room
  • Link to Melville Room
  • Link to Senate Room
  • Link to Turnbull Room.

Exit onto the South Front and Turn Left

  • Exit the Gilbert Scott Building using the doors to the right for ramped access via a permanent portable ramp.
  • Continue out through the car park towards the flagpole and turn left onto the South Front road.
  • The car park and road have a tarmac surface and are level, with pedestrian priority.

Continue 110m Down the South Front

  • Continue down South Front past the Gilbert Scott Building towards the light building on the left of the road.
  • There is a moderate slope all the way down to the James Watt (South) Building.

Follow the South Front Round to the Left into the James Watt Building (South)

  • Continue on past a car park junction road out from the rear of the James Watt Building on the left.
  • There is a pavement to the left of the road beyond this junction which leads to the front steps.
  • There is a paving slab surface and there is not a dropped kerb as there are steps round the corner.
  • Continue along the road and follow it round to the left into the James Watt Building car park.

Access to the James Watt Building (South)

  • Turn left into the car park as the slope turns easier at the bottom of the South Front slope.
  • Use the easy slope to the left onto the paving slabs at the front entrance.
  • You have arrived.
  • Link to James Watt Building.