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Green Route - Main Gate to Queen Margaret Union

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Access Guide

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Main Gate on University Avenue to the Queen Margaret Union on University Gardens. The journey is approximately 220m (720 feet). For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 2-3 minutes to cover. There are some easy slopes down University Gardens. This route also incorporates access to 1-12 University Gardens and Sir Alexander Stone Building.

Exit the Main Gate and Turn Left

  • Exit the right main gate and turn left onto University Avenue.
  • If exiting from the gate on the left as you face the main gate (from University Avenue - photograph 1), cross the quiet entrance road towards the right gate.
  • The main gate entrance road is level to the kerbs without tactile paving on either side.
  • There is a paved surface with some tactile paving near the pedestrian crossing over the busy main road.

Cross University Avenue at the Pedestrian Crossing

  • Take a slight left from the main gate to the nearby pedestrian crossing on University Avenue.
  • Cross University Avenue using the pedestrian crossing.
  • This is an automatic crossing where the buttons no longer need to be pressed.
  • The crossing controls are 115cm high and offer a tactile turning dial beneath the box.
  • There are lowered kerbs with tactile marking on both sides.
  • There are audio and visual signals with metal studs showing the route across the road.

Turn Left and Continue down University Avenue

  • Turn left after the crossing and continue down University Avenue.
  • The junction to University Gardens is only around 15m from the crossing.
  • There is a paved surface with an easy slope down University Avenue.

Follow the Road to the Right into University Gardens

  • Follow the pavement round diagonally to the right into University Gardens.
  • There is a tarmac surface at the corner then onto concrete once past the junction area.
  • There are some uneven patches in places and there is a continuing easy slope downwards as you follow the road.

Access to No.1-2 University Gardens

Access to No.3 University Gardens

Access to No.4 University Gardens

Access to No.5 University Gardens

Access to No.6 University Gardens

Continue Along University Gardens

  • Continue down the easy slope of University Gardens towards the corner.

Access to No.7 University Gardens

Access to No.8 University Gardens

  • The next building along is 8 University Gardens, accessed by steps.

Follow the University Gardens corner to the right

  • Follow the pavement round to the right at the corner halfway along University Gardens.
  • The pavement is level from here for the remainder of the route.

Access to No.9 University Gardens

Access to No.10 University Gardens

Access to No.11 University Gardens

Access to No.12 University Gardens

Access to the Sir Alexander Stone Building

Continue until the Queen Margaret Union

  • Continue past the Sir Alexander Stone Building until the pavement becomes wider.
  • The ramp to the Queen Margaret Union is over to the right.
  • There are steps to the building further along the road to the left of the ramp.
  • There are also 15+ steps to the right which lead up towards Bute Gardens.
  • You have arrived.
  • Link to Queen Margaret Union.