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Yellow Route - Main Gate to Disability Service

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Access Guide

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Main Gate on University Avenue to the Disability Service, Counselling and Psychological Services on Southpark Avenue.
    The journey is approximately 270m (885 feet).
    For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 3-4 minutes to cover.
    From University Avenue to Gibson Street there is a steep uphill slope along Hillhead Street.
    From Hillhead Street to Southpark Avenue there is then a long moderate downhill slope along Gibson Street.
    This section is likely to be challenging to those with mobility difficulties, including the return journey.
    This route incorporates access to the McMillan Reading Room, Fraser Building, Library, Student Apartments Office and Florentine House along the way.

Exit the Main Gate

  • Exit the left main gate (as viewed from University Avenue - photograph 1) and turn right onto University Avenue.
  • If exiting from the gate on the right as you face the main gate, cross the pedestrianised entrance road towards the left gate.
  • The main gate entrance road is level to the kerbs without tactile paving on either side.
  • The wide pavements in this area have a paved surface.

Turn Right onto University Avenue and Cross at the Pedestrian Crossing

  • Continue down University Avenue to the nearby pedestrian crossing.
  • Cross University Avenue using the pedestrian crossing.
  • The crossing controls are 120cm high and offer a tactile turning dial beneath the box.
  • There are lowered kerbs with tactile marking on both sides.
  • There are audio and visual signals with metal studs showing the route across the road.

Turn Left and Follow Hillhead Street 70m Uphill

  • Turn left when across the road and follow the pavement round to the right onto Hillhead Street.
  • This leads onto a long steep slope up to the opposite side of the campus.
  • There is a handrail on the left which has a short gap for crossing towards.
  • There is a block paving surface.
  • The road up Hillhead Street could be used via a dropped kerb to have the handrail on the right hand side instead.
  • The road has a tarmac surface with block paving near the top.
  • There is a narrow cobbled drainage surface on the road side of the handrail which also runs across the road halfway up.

Access to the Hunterian Art Gallery & The Mackintosh House

  • The gap towards the top can be used to cross over to the Hunterian Art Gallery on the left.
  • There is a cobbled drainage flow to be crossed if using the route.
  • The short cobbled area can be avoided by continuing a little further to the top of the hill where the surface changes to tarmac, and back down to the gallery.
  • The surface to the gallery is block paving then paving slabs where the slope evens out.
  • Link to Hunterian Art Gallery & The Mackintosh House.

Access to McMillan Reading Room and Fraser Building

  • From the top of Hillhead Street turn right towards the Fraser Building but keep right for the McMillan Reading Room.
  • Link to Fraser Building
  • Use the path on the left and ramped rear entrance into the upper floor.
  • The steep path back downhill to the right leads to the stepped main entrance, or back onto University Avenue.
  • The path has a paved surface.
  • Link to McMillan Reading Room.

Continue Along Hillhead Street, Past the Fraser Building

  • At the top of Hillhead Street turn right for the main entrance to the Fraser Building (for Levels 1-2-3-4).
  • There is an easy slope down to the building.
  • Continue further uphill from Hillhead Street to use the side entrance for Levels 2-3.
  • There is a moderate slope beside the building.
  • There are paved surfaces.
  • Link to Fraser Building.

Continue Along the Pedestrianised Area of Hillhead Street

  • At the top of Hillhead Street the surface changes to tarmac and there is no longer a handrail.
  • This is a pedestrianised area of the street with no through road.
  • Continue along and slightly over to the right onto the paved surface.
  • There is a moderate uphill slope where the handrail beside the Fraser Building is mainly used for bicycle storage.
  • The library is on the left beyond the Hunterian Art Gallery at the top of Hillhead Street, opposite the Fraser Building.
  • Link to Library.

Continue Along the North Side of Hillhead Street

  • Continue on past the Fraser Building towards the north side of Hillhead Street.
  • There are wide bollards across Hillhead Street where the pavement has a tarmac surface.
  • Continue along the pavement on the right of the street towards Gibson Street.
  • The pavement has some slightly uneven surfaces in places.

Turn Right onto Gibson Street

  • At the junction follow the pavement round onto Gibson Street.
  • Continue downhill on Gibson Street which has a long moderate slope.
  • There are some uneven surfaces at the corner.

Access to Florentine House

  • Florentine House is on the corner junction of Hillhead Street and Gibson Street.
  • There is a deep step leading up from the pavement on Hillhead Street to the front entrance.
  • An accessible entrance is available round the corner on the right on Gibson Street.

Continue 80m Down Gibson Street Towards Southpark Avenue

  • Continue along Gibson Street towards the junction with Southpark Avenue.
  • There is a moderate slope.
  • There are a few uneven surfaces and dropped kerb areas throughout the tarmac surface.

Access to 85 & 89 Gibson Street - Student Apartments Office

  • The first door on the right after Florentine House provides access to accommodation at 89 Gibson Street.
  • The Student Apartments Office reception for this area is located here.
  • There is a shallow step from the pavement to the step.
  • There is further accommodation at 85 Gibson Street.

Cross Southpark Avenue and Turn Right

  • When you reach the junction for Southpark Avenue, cross at the corner.
  • Once across, turn right onto Southpark Avenue.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.

Continue Along Southpark Avenue to Disability Service/Counselling and Psychological Services

  • Continue along Southpark Avenue until the first entrance on the left for Disability Service on the corner.
  • For the accessible entrance follow the path round to the left, or there are steps to the main entrance at the front.
  • Counselling and Psychological Services is the next property along Southpark Avenue.
  • It has a stepped front entrance, so all services can be made available within the accessible Disability Service Building.
  • Link to The Disability Service.
  • Link to Counselling and Psychological Services.