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Central Saint Martins - King's Cross Route Plan

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King's Cross, London, N1C 4AA

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COVID-19 Information

  • The information in this section was taken in October 2020.
  • UAL is regularly reviewing all access to buildings and facilities in response to the latest government guidance. Check the updates on the Coronavirus: Important Information page to find out more.
  • There have been no changes to the parking.
  • There is currently no external queuing system in place.
  • CSM reception has a one way system in place, one entry door and one exit door.
  • Head counting cameras will be installed on all entrances into the building to provide occupancy numbers.
  • Additional sanitising and wet stations have been installed in common areas and within workshops. This includes receptions and access points around the building.
  • There is a limited number of people allowed inside.
  • The building occupancy has been reduced by approximately 50%, instead of 7000 people it has been reduced to 3342.
  • The college have installed one way systems throughout workshops and the canteen. The canteen one way system is assisted by tensa barriers and traffic light entry systems.
  • There is clear signage inside to help with social distancing.
  • Keep left signs have been installed on staircases and corridors.
  • Floor signs have been installed in core areas and on the staircases to highlight social distancing and direction of travel.
  • Additional floor and wall signage has been added for COVID-19.
  • Permanent screens have been installed at reception and the Student Centre. Workshops and studios will also have screens installed.
  • Moveable screens are available in the first aid room, at the front security barriers and in the canteen.
  • To enable social distancing, 50% of the toilets, urinals and wash basins have been signed out of service. The individual cubicles are all still in service.
  • The FM kitchen is now restricted to one person at a time, the FM and cleaners changing room is restricted to two people at a time.
  • Staff and students are required to wear a face covering in all communal parts of the building.
  • Additional first aid training is being provided to include dealing with Coronavirus.
  • For more information about the measures in place for Covid-19 please click here (new tab) .


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    • Ground Floor - Loading Bay, Security Control Room, Canteen, CaravanCafe, Central Loan Store, College Shop, LVMH Lecture Theatre.
    • First Floor - Facilities Management Office, Digital Manufacturing Bureau, Workshops, SU CafĂ©, Learning Zone, Costumes, Showers, Film Effects and Sound Studios, Animation Studio.
    • Second Floor - Library.
    • Third Floor - Library, Digital Printing and Large Format Output.
    • Fourth Floor - Staff Area.
    • Fifth Floor - Staff Area.


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    • This route plan takes you from King's Cross Station to the main entrance of Central Saint Martins College.
    • Please note, there were major building works near the college at the time of survey which did affect the route.

Leave King's Cross Station onto King's Cross Square

  • Exit the station onto King's Cross Square.
  • There are lifts from all underground platforms and step free access to all underground and national rail services.

Go straight ahead across King's Cross Square

  • Turn left and head down to York Way.
  • There is a slight downhill slope towards York Way.
  • The surface is block paving.

Turn left up York Road and cross the service road to the station

  • The surface of the road is slightly uneven block paving.
  • The service road has dropped kerbs on both sides.
  • The road service is tarmac.

Kings Cross Station York Way Bus Stop

  • There is a bus stop along York Way that is very busy.
  • It has seating, a shelter and an electronic timetable.
  • It serves buses 17, 91, 259, 390, N91.

Continue along York Way and cross service road for Kings Cross Station

  • The surface of the road is slightly uneven block paving.
  • There is a slight uphill gradient and another going towards the road.
  • There is a strip of tactile paving by a pedestrian crossing.
  • The service road has tactile dropped kerbs at either side and the surface of the road is cobbled.

York Way King's Place Bus Stop

  • The bus stop has shelter and seating.
  • The bus stop serves the 390 bus only.

Continue up York Way and cross service road

  • The surface of the road is slightly uneven block paving with a slight uphill gradient.
  • There is a service road with has dropped kerbs on either side.
  • The road itself is tarmac with a cobbled strip.
  • After the service road keep going till you reach Good's Way.

Turn left up Goods Way

  • There is an easy uphill slope as well as a slight gradient leadng down to the road.
  • The surface is concrete.
  • There are tactile paving slabs located at pedestrian crossings.

Cross the large service road to King's Cross

  • The service road has tactile dropped kerbs at either side and a tactile paved island in the middle.
  • There is a slight gradient downhill.
  • The surface of the road is tarmac.

Cross a service road and then cross King's Cross Boulevard

  • There is a portable ramp leading down to the road.
  • On the other side there is a tactile paved dropped kerb to your left.
  • The road is tarmac that is blocked off from vehicular traffic.
  • Continue to cross King's Boulevard.
  • There are dropped kerbs to the cobbled road.

Cross Goods Way at the zebra crossing

  • The road has tactile paved dropped kerbs.
  • There is an island with tactile paving in the middle.
  • Cross the bridge across the canal located ahead and to the right.

Take the road to the right towards Granary Square, then cross road to Granary Square

  • The surface is slightly uneven.
  • There is a slight gradient to the road.
  • Cross the cobbled road to Granary Square.
  • There are tactile dropped kerbs on either side of the road.
  • The surface of the road is cobbled.

Cross Granary Square and arrive at Central Saint Martins College

  • Granary Square has a slight downhill gradient and slightly uneven block paving.
  • There are several water features in the Square.
  • On the other side of the Square is the venue.