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University of Wolverhampton

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University of Wolverhampton

About University of Wolverhampton

The University provides a friendly environment, excellent staff and great facilities at its main sites in Wolverhampton, Walsall and Telford. We value the diversity of our student and staff populations and are committed to promoting equality for disabled people in all aspects of University life.

Our dedicated Student Enabling Centre enforces this commitment by offering a range of services, resources and advice to students at all stages of their university education.

In addition, our academic and support staff have experience of supporting students with a variety of requirements, including wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, students with dyslexia, physical or sensory impairments and students with invisible conditions. Find out more about campus accessibility.

We hope you find the information on our pages helpful and look forward to further contact with you. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where you can get in touch with any queries.

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