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Changing Places Toilet

Bristol Airport, North Side Road, Bristol, BS48 3DY

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Changing Places

  • Location and access View
    • The facility is located in the Terminal Building at the Arrivals end, close to the Special Assistance Desk.
    • The facility is approximately 20m (21yd 2ft) from the Arrivals entrance/exit.
    • There is level access to the facility.
  • Dimensions and features View
    • You do need a key for the facility.
    • It is not a radar key.
    • The key can be obtained from the Special Assistance Desk.
    • The dimensions of the facility are 410cm x 310cm (13ft 5in x 10ft 2in).
    • The facility changing bench height is adjustable.
    • The facility changing bench is wall mounted.
    • The length of the facility changing bench is 185cm (6ft 1in).
    • The facility hoist is powered overhead.
    • The overhead hoist covers all areas in cubicle.
    • The sling is attached to the hoist by hook and loop.
    • The facility toilet is peninsular.
    • The transfer space on the left as you face the toilet is 300cm (9ft 10in).
    • The transfer space on the right as you face the toilet is 79cm (2ft 7in).
    • Wall mounted grab rails are available.
    • As you face the toilet the wall mounted grab rails are on both sides.
    • Drop down rails are provided.
    • As you face the toilet the drop down rail(s) is/are on both sides.
    • The type of wash basin is adjustable.
    • Wall mounted grab rails are not available at the wash basin.
    • Disposal facilities are available.
    • A privacy screen is available.
    • Wide tear off paper roll is available.
    • The facility has a non slip floor.
    • A functioning emergency alarm is available.
  • Comments View
    • This facility is available 24 hours a day and has a 4 figure code lock. The code is available from the Special Assistance Desk or by phoning the number displayed next to the door or by asking any security personnel.
    • The toilet is a Clos-o-Mat toilet and there are clear instructions for those unfamiliar with the equipment. There are also clear instructions for the bed, wash basin and hoist.
    • The cubicle has a first aid cupboard within it which has sharps disposal and gloves available for use.