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Coach Park

Belfast International Airport, Airport Road, Belfast, BT29 4AB

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Getting Here

Getting Help and Assistance

  • To book and obtain special assistance and for information please click here (new tab).
  • There is a member of staff available for help and assistance.
  • Staff receive disability awareness/equality training.
  • There is not a member of staff trained in British Sign Language.
  • Team members receive deaf awareness training.
  • There is not a member of staff trained in Irish Sign Language.
  • The alternative formats documents can be provided in include; Braille.
  • There is an assistance dog toilet or toileting area at the venue/nearby.
  • The assistance dog toilet or toileting area is located landside or airside as directed by the Special Assistance Team.
  • Water bowls for assistance dogs are available.
  • There are mobility aids available.
  • The mobility aids available include mobile hoists, ceiling track hoists, wheelchairs, shower chairs and hoist slings.
  • To obtain mobility aids please contact the Special Assistance team in the Check-in Hall.
  • There is a designated place of safety which can be used by people with dementia, autism or learning disabilities.
  • The place of safety is located in the International Departures corridor.
  • For information about the Belfast International Airport Special Assistance Services please click here (opens in new tab).

Airport Parking (Coach Park)

  • Parking View
    • The car park is located to the left as you face the terminal building.
    • The car park type is open air/surface.
    • The car park does not have a height restriction barrier.
    • The car park does have a barrier control system at the entrance.
    • The car park surface is tarmac.
    • There is a/are Blue Badge parking bay(s) available.
    • The Blue Badge bay(s) is/are clearly marked.
    • There is/are 1 designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) within the car park.
    • The dimensions of the designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) surveyed are 500cm x 600cm (16ft 5in x 19ft 8in).
    • There is not a 120cm hatched zone around the Blue Badge parking bay(s).
    • There are help points available within the car park.
  • Paying and Booking View
    • There are parking charges for the car park.
    • Parking is not free for pick up and drop off.
    • Payment signs are provided.
    • Payment signs are located at the entrance to the car park and at the payment machines in the car park.
    • Payment signs are clearly presented.
    • Payment machines are located inside the building, at the front of the car park and at the side of the car park.
    • There is a payment machine at a convenient height for wheelchair users.
    • There is a level turning space (minimum 185cm x 210cm) in front of the payment machine(s).
    • For information about booking airport parking please click here.
    • If parking has not been pre booked payment is due when exiting the car park.
  • Exiting the Car Park View
    • The car park does have a barrier control system at the exit.
    • There is a touchscreen at the exit barrier.
    • Special Assistance Call Point 5 is located in a shelter by the bus stops. There is no seating available at the shelter.

Route to Check-in Hall

  • The distance from the Blue Badge bay in the coach park to the Check-in Hall alternative entrance is approximately 150m, around a 3/4 minute walk.
  • On exiting the vehicle there is a dropped kerb without tactile paving (shown in photograph 1).
  • Follow the path to the left of the taxi rank toward the terminal building (shown in photograph 2). Keep to the high metal fence on your left (shown in photograph 3).
  • There is a slight slope down on this path.
  • At the end of the path there is a bollard reducing the width to 96cm (shown in photograph 4).
  • Follow the path as it curves to the right and pass the side exit door (shown in photograph 5).
  • Follow the sign shown in photograph 6 and continue to the front corner of the building (shown in photograph 7).
  • Turn left and go past the main exit (shown in photograph 8).
  • Go past the front of the building and vending machines on the left (shown in photograph 9) and then enter the Check-in Hall by the alternative entrance (shown in photograph 10).
  • Alternatively continue in front of the building and enter via the main entrance (shown in photograph 11).

Check-in Hall