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Route Guide - Dundee Station to V&A Dundee

South Union Street, Dundee, DD1 4BY

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About this venue

Address and contact details above are for the train station. The address and contact details for the V&A are below: Address: 1 River Esplanade, Dundee Postcode: DD1 4EZ Latitude: 56.4572827 Longitude: -2.969448 Telephone: 01382 411 611 Route plan from Dundee Station to V&A which is an art gallery and museum. The route is 0.1 miles via the A991 and takes 3 minutes to walk.

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  • V&A Dundee is a design museum that opened on 15th September 2018.
    V&A Dundee is the first design museum in Scotland and the first Victoria and Albert museum outside London.
    The iconic building, designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, is located at the waterfront and is clearly seen from the train station.
  • The following information describes the route from Dundee Station to V&A Dundee.
    The approximate distance of this route is 150m.
    The route takes approximately 3 minutes to walk.
    The route leads along South Union Street, across Riverside Drive and along Riverside Esplanade.
    The paving along the route is concrete tiles and tarmac.
    The route is generally level with some slight gradients at crossings.
    There is on street parking off Riverside Esplanade and public parking located next to Discovery Point at Discovery Quay.
    The potential hazards on this route include a busy road crossing, high winds around the buildings and water features to either side of the entrance path.
  • Dundee Station link (new tab) - click here.
  • V&A Dundee link (new tab) - click here.

Dundee Station

  • Dundee Station is located on the main line between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth to Aberdeen and Inverness.
  • There is step-free access via lift, leading from the station platforms to the station concourse area.
  • Accessible toilets are available on the station platforms.
  • There is step-free access along the station concourse.
  • There is step-free access when exiting the station.
  • Limited car parking facilities are available at the station.
  • Public parking is also available locally.
  • For more information about Dundee Station, access and facilities please click here (opens in new tab).

Dundee Station to Riverside Drive

  • As you exit the main entrance from the train station there is a wide pavement in front of you.
  • Turn right along South Union Street and continue to the pedestrian crossing.
  • The route has a slight slope up from the station to the crossing.
  • The paving is concrete tiles that is uneven in places.
  • On the right the station building continues.
  • On the left there are large stone sculptures, planters and bins in an area marked of by a line of lighter coloured paving and lampposts.
  • Continue ahead keeping the building on your right.
  • After approximately 40m, there is textured paving to mark the crossing where South Union Street meets Riverside Drive / Riverside Esplanade.

Riverside Drive Crossing

  • This crossing point consists of two road crossings, including across the slip road to South Union Street and the west bound lanes on Riverside Drive.
  • To continue, cross to the traffic island.
  • Turn left on the island and then right to make the next crossing.
  • Cross Riverside Drive to the far pavement.
  • At the first crossing point there are two lanes of traffic coming from your right.
  • At the second crossing point there are two lanes of traffic coming from your left.
  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile paving at each crossing point.
  • The surface of each crossing point is tarmac with a non-slip finish.
  • Each crossing point is controlled by push button and visual indicators.
  • They are located on the right for the first crossing and then on left for the second crossing.
  • There are rotating cones located at the base of the push button boxes to indicate when it is safe to cross.
  • There is no audio signal.
  • The control buttons are both 108cm high.

Riverside Drive Crossing to V&A Dundee Entrance

  • At the far side of the crossing turn left towards the museum.
  • The Discovery ship is seen directly ahead as you cross.
  • Riverside Drive becomes Riverside Esplanade.
  • In the pavement towards the right there are stainless steel bollards.
  • They are spaced 145cm apart.
  • On the left there are a line of bollards, stone seats, and signs dividing the pavement from the pedestrian area in front of the museum.
  • Go through the bollards and follow the path as it curves to the right towards the museum.
  • The route is level and the paving here is concrete tiles.
  • On the right are concrete benches then panel signs.
  • As the path approaches the building there are water features on both sides of the path without kerbs.
  • There is textured channel paving to each side to delineate the edge of the path.
  • Continue along the path and enter the V&A Dundee main entrance.