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Gate 5 to No.2 Court

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Church Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AG

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Gate 5

  • The entrance to Gate 5 is level.
  • The surface is smooth tarmac.
  • The gate is permanently held open.
  • The gate is 160cm wide.
  • There is a security bag search immediately inside this gate.

South Concourse

  • Once you enter from Gate 5 there is a large open tarmac area in front of Centre Court.
  • The surface has very slight/slight slopes in places.
  • After approximately 20m turn left at the sign for The Baseline Bar and Court Number 7.

The Baseline/Court 7 and 11

  • On leaving the South Concourse, there are two pathways running alongside The Baseline, Court 7 and Court 11.
  • The path nearest to Court and 7 and 11 is 115cm wide and is step free.
  • There is small drain running down the centre of the path.
  • During The Championships this path can be busy.
  • The path closer to The Baseline is 276cm wide and has bench seating located along the wall on the left.
  • The path has step free access.
  • There is a steep ramp in front of The Baseline leading to a wide path with an artificial grass surface.
  • There is a steep ramp at the end of this path.
  • The path can be overcome by using the path next to the courts.

No.2 Court East Side

  • After the paths next to The Baseline and Courts 7 and 11 there is a tarmac area in front of the north east side of No.2 Court.
  • There is a Wimbledon Shop located at the side of the court.
  • There is a tarmac path over 150cm wide that runs along the east side of No.2 Court.
  • There are toilet facilities located to the left along the path.

No.2 Court South Side

  • On the south east corner of No.2 Court there is an easy slope leading around to the south side of the court.
  • There is a tarmac area outside the south side of No.2 Court.
  • There are food kiosks and toilets located to the left of the tarmac area opposite the court.
  • There is step free access to gates 8 and 9.
  • The gates are approximately 10m from the turn.