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Wirral Coastal Walk

The Laurie's - Community Action Wirral, 143 Claughton Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 6EY

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  • The Wirral Coastal Walk is a 15 mile walk along the Wirral coast.
  • It starts at New Brighton Ferry Terminal and ends up at the Thurston Common.
  • This guide ends at the West Kirby Promenade.
  • There is an annual work sponsored by the Wirral Round Table every year for the aid of charity.


  • There is a bus stop within 150m (164yds) of the venue.
  • The nearest National Rail station is New Brighton.
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    • Along the route there are the following train stations: New Brighton, Moreton, Meols, Hoylake and West Kirby.


  • The venue does not have its own car park.

New Brighton Ferry Terminal - Egremont Parade - New Brighton

  • The footpath starts at the New Ferry Terminal.
  • When exiting the ferry terminal the footpath is to the left.
  • The surface of the footpath is a mixture of concrete and tarmac with an easy sloping gradient.
  • Along the pathways there are benches to sit overlooking the River Mersey.
  • This stretch is 2.5 miles long to New Brighton.
  • There is a stop off at Vale Park with a cafe and accessible toilet.
  • Please refer to Vale Park and Vale Park Cafe access guides.

New Brighton - Leasowe Bay

  • The pathway between New Brighton and Leasowe Bay is a 2.5 mile stretch.
  • The surface of the pathway is concrete and tarmac, with easy sloping gradients.
  • There are dropped kerbs along the route.
  • There is bench seating along the Kings Parade overlooking the bay.
  • At the end of this section of the route is the Harvester - The Derby Pool, where you can stop for food, drinks and toilet facilities.

Leasowe Bay - Moreton

  • The Leasowe Bay to Moreton stretch of the route is a long concrete pathway that acts as the sea defence wall.
  • The pathway has an easy gradient.
  • There is parking facilities at Moreton Shore with a small cafe and public toilets.
  • Persons wishing to leave the route at this point can use Moreton Station back to Birkenhead, Liverpool or Chester.
  • The station is located on Pasture Road opposite the Cadbury's Factory.
  • There is ramped or stepped access from the footpath leading down to the car park.
  • There are public toilets for use on Pasture Road when you leave the trail.

Moreton - Meols Parade

  • This stretch of the route is 2 miles long.
  • The concrete pathway runs the length of the bay, which is part of the sea defence wall.
  • The pathway has an easy gradient.
  • At the end of the pathway there are public toilets.
  • The pathway leads to Meols Parade and Meols Parade Gardens.
  • At this point you can use the Meols Station located on Birkenhead Road if you wish to leave the trail.

Meols Parade - West Kirby Wheelchair Users

  • At the end of Meols Parade, non wheelchair users may walk across the beach towards West Kirby Promenade.
  • There is directional signage at the entrance to show wheelchair users the direction to take, which is along Kings Gap and up to the junction at Meols Drive.
  • If you wish to leave the trail at this point, Hoylake Station is across the road.
  • At the Meols Drive junction turn right and travel along Meols Drive passing Royal Liverpool Golf Club.
  • This road is approximately 1.5 miles, leading into West Kirby town centre.
  • When you approach the Aldi supermarket, turn right onto Riversdale Road.
  • Travel to the bottom of Riversdale Road and this brings you to the West Kirby promenade at the bottom.
  • This meets the entrance for people walking the route across the beach.
  • The surface of the footpaths along the route are mainly tarmac.
  • There are dropped kerbs to navigate along the route.
  • When in West Kirby there are shops and places to eat.
  • The train Station is located on Meols Drive with routes to Liverpool and Chester.

Meols Parade - West Kirby

  • This section of the trail runs the length of the Meols sea front.
  • At the end of Meols Parade you come to an end by the shore.
  • Non wheelchair users can cross the beach front to gain access to the West Kirby Promenade and Marine Lake.
  • There are 3 deep steps with no handrails at the access point to the beach at this point.
  • When exiting the beach to the West Kirby Promenade there are 7 medium height steps with handrails on both sides.

Accessible Toilet

  • There are accesible public toilets along the route of the Wirral Coastal Walk.
  • These are highlighted for each section of the guide.

Standard Toilet(s)

  • There are standard public toilets along the route of the Wirral Coastal Walk.
  • These are highlighted for each section of the guide.

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