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Route Plan - Woking Bus and Train Station to Jubilee Square Via Church Path

Station Approach, Woking

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  • The following information describes the route from Woking Bus and Train Station to Jubilee Square via Chertsey Road and Cobham Road.
  • The approximate distance of this route is 344m.
  • This route takes approximately 4-6 minutes.
  • The route leads through Chobham Road pedestrianised area.
  • There are three road crossings. The first is located on the Broadway immediately outside the station, the second is located on Chobham Road and the third is located on Church Street East.
  • There are benches along the route to rest.
  • The paths along the route consist of tarmac, granite tiles, concrete slab paving, block paving and small cobbled tiles.
  • There is limited signage directing you to Jubilee Square along the route.
  • There is a town centre map located at the junction of Chertsey Road and Chobham Road.
  • The potential hazards on this route include; road crossings, uneven surfaces, free standing shop signs, congested pathways and bollards.

Woking Bus and Train Station

  • Woking Station has 6 platforms and serves National Rail services.
  • All platforms have level access.
  • There are accessible and standard toilet facilities. The accessible toilet is located on platform 1. The female and male toilets are located on platforms 2, 4, 5 and 6.
  • The station has an exit to Station Approach and to the High Street.
  • The exit to the High Street is required for this route.
  • Woking Bus Station is located on the Broadway.
  • There is level access within the station.
  • There are not accessible or standard toilet facilities within the station.
  • There is a path that leads west along the Broadway towards Woking Station.

Crossing - High Street

  • Immediately outside Woking Station High Street entrance facing northwards, the Bus Station is to your right and the train station is behind you.
  • Directly in front of you is the High Street.
  • The High Street is two lanes wide, with traffic coming from both directions.
  • There is tactile paving on both sides of the High Street immediately outside of the station.
  • There are no push button controls, visual indicators or audio alerts at the crossing.
  • Cross over the High Street and turn left towards Church Path.

Church Path to Commercial Way

  • There were construction works and pavement was pedestrianised at time of survey (August 2018).
  • The surface of the pathway is concrete and tarmac and is uneven.
  • The width of the path is approximately 140cm.
  • There are freestanding work signs.
  • Continue along the pedestrianised paved area for approximately 30m.
  • There are some directional arrows guiding you towards Church Path.
  • At the end of the pedestrianised area there is a ramp.
  • The ramp is slight with no handrails.
  • There is tactile paving at the bottom of the ramp.
  • Turn right on to Church Path and continue for approximately 60m.
  • There are market stalls on the left side of the path which restrict the width of the pavement to approximately 160cm.
  • There are construction works on the right side of the path and a sign directing pedestrians to the left side.
  • Proceed to the left side of Church Path and continue for approximately 20m until you reach Commercial Way.

Mercia Walk to Jubilee Square

  • Turn left on Commercial Way.
  • The surface of the ground is granite tiles and is even.
  • Continue for approximately 25m towards Mercia Walk.
  • There is large overhead signage indicating the entrance to Mercia Walk and Wolsey Place.
  • Turn right on to Mercia Walk.
  • Mercia Walk has a roof over the top and there are supporting pillars in the centre.
  • There are large display screens attached to the pillars showing bus and train times and information.
  • The width of the path is approximately 10m. There is a slight downward slope towards Jubilee Square.
  • Continue for approximately 50m until you reach Jubilee Square.

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