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Wolfson College

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About Wolfson College

Wolfson is a college for mature students that’s dynamically engaged with the world. 

Here, you’ll live, study, and socialise with students from around 90 different countries. We have no hierarchies: there’s no high table and our social spaces are shared by everyone. 

We’re a college that believes in giving opportunities for life-long learning, and we specialise in offering the academic, professional, and personal support that mature students need.  

We’re located on a single site just beyond the city centre, surrounded by glorious gardens and with facilities including a tennis court, gym, and a library open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Whether you join our rowing crews, sign up for the Wolfson Entrepreneur Society, attend our Wolfson Howler comedy night, sing in our choir, grow veg in the student garden, or join our unique Interdisciplinary Research Hubs, you’ll find the sporting, social, cultural, and intellectual activities that suit you. 

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