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Route from Campus Reception to Llanbadarn Campus

Aberystwyth University, Campus Reception, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth, SY23 3FL

Access Guide

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  • This route is from the Main University Campus Reception to the Llanbardan Campus Reception in Elystan Morgan.
  • This route is approximately 3.6km and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete by bus.
  • This route is via bus route 301 to the Llanbardan Campus. Bus Route YP8 can also be used.
  • The main hazards on this route include uncontrolled road crossings, congested pavement areas and steep slopes.

Campus Reception to University Bus Stop

  • Exit the Campus Reception to the left and cross the road at the crossing, this crossing has tactile paving both sides.
  • Turn right, this pathway is level and laid with tarmac.
  • Continue approximately 500 yards until the end of the path, at the end of the path the kerb is dropped with tactile paving, cross the road, the bus stop is located on the left.
  • The bus stop is sheltered with bench seating inside, the 301 bus service stops here.

Rural Studies Institute Bus Stop to Llanbardan Campus

  • Exit the bus stop to the right and head down the hill.
  • The pavement here has a tarmac surface with a steep gradient and is 125cm wide.
  • After approximately 20m turn left into the university campus.
  • The pavement has an even and level brick block surface which is 125cm wide.
  • The pavement bears round to the left and the gradient becomes steep.
  • Approximately 60m along the pavement turn right to cross the university access road.
  • This crossing has tactile paving and dropped kerbs on both sides.
  • This crossing is shown in photographs 6 and 7.
  • Turn left after crossing.
  • The pavement here has an even brick block surface with a steep gradient and is 125cm wide.
  • The pavement bears round to the right.
  • Turn right as the gradient levels out, into the Elystan Morgan main entrance.
  • There are 3 bollards marking the edge of the pavement and the Elystan Morgan entrance path with a minimum separation of 110cm.
  • The Llanbardan Campus reception is within the Elystan Morgan Building.