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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Website, App, and Organisation

AccessAble provide free online Detailed Access Guides to thousands of venues across the UK and Ireland.

  • How do you get the information in an Access Guide?
    We get this information by sending a surveyor to visit each venue. The surveyor collects the data on a hand held computer, taking relevant measurements and photographs and talking to a representative of the service face to face. The survey template that is used can collect over 1000 individual pieces of information, per venue, relating to accessibility. The template has been developed in consultation with 100s of different disability groups.
  • How are you funded?
    Our funding comes from our partners who commission Access Guides and other services from us. We currently work with over 350 partners across the UK and Ireland.
  • How can I get involved?
    There are loads of ways you can get involved with AccessAble. You can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest news and join in our discussion groups. You can come along to one of our engagement events or surveyor workshops. You can suggest a venue for us to include on the website or a way we can promote our Access Guides. You can also apply for a role in our friendly team.
  • Can you provide printed copies of Detailed Access Guides? What about alternative formats?

    We are happy to print and send hard copies of specific Detailed Access Guides, or any other promotional materials, on request and can provide these in alternative formats as required. If you'd like to request printed materials or an alternative format, please get in touch with us.


    Email address: [email protected] (opens email client)


    Phone: 01438 842 710

    Text: 07897 023 494


  • How often is this information reviewed?

    Every venue on the website is contacted each year to find out if their access has changed. A venue owner or customer can contact us at any time to inform us of changes to venues. Venues which have had structural changes are revisited by AccessAble surveyors annually, a note of any changes will be made as soon as we are informed, but full details will not be taken until we can collect them in person.

  • Why do you cover venues that aren't accessible to me?

    AccessAble does not aim to tell anyone what is right or wrong for them, we aim to give detailed information about what you will find at a particular building or attraction. We provide information that relates to a wide range of impairments and we recognise that what is accessible to one person is not necessarily accessible to another person. As a result we provide information and people then decide what is accessible to them.

  • What are the recommended height ranges for fixtures and fittings in an accessible toilet?

    • The toilet seat should be 47cm to 49cm from the floor.

    • The toilet roll holder should be 80cm to 100cm from the floor.

    • The wash basin should be 72cm to 74cm from the floor.

    • The soap dispenser should be 80cm to 100cm from the floor.

    • The towel dispenser should be 80cm to 100cm from the floor.

    • The hand dryer should be 80cm to 100cm from the floor.

    • The underside of the baby change table should be 70cm to 75cm from the floor.

    • A coat hook for a seated user should be 95cm to 115cm from the floor.

    • A coat hook for a standing user should be 130cm to 150cm from the floor.

  • My venue has received a call from AccessAble, what is this about?

    Every venue on our website is contacted each year by a member of our team to find out if access has changed. Our call team will ask each venue questions about their accessibility. If there have been structural changes they will arrange for our surveyors to revisit the venue so that we can update the Access Guide.

    It is our commitment to anyone who uses our service, because we know that accessibility information needs to be detailed, accurate and up to date.

  • What is what3words?

    what3words points to a very specific location.

    Its developers divided the world into 57 trillion squares, each measuring 3m by 3m (10ft by 10ft) and each having a unique, randomly assigned three-word address. It's an easy way to find and share exact locations. Click here to find out more.

  • What is a Virtual Access Guide?

    Our new Virtual Access Guides use 360-degree imagery, enabling you to ‘virtually’ explore routes to key facilities like accessible toilets and Changing Places, so you can find out exactly what to expect when you arrive. Click this link to see an example of a Virtual Access Guide, and watch this video to find out more.

  • How can I deactivate my AccessAble account?

    To deactivate your AccessAble App or website account, you will need to login to the website, From within the My Account area of the website, you are able to 'deactivate your account' which will remove your personal data from our database. You are able to sign up again at any time in the future. 

  • How do I contact the venues listed on

    If you’d like to contact any of the venues listed on directly, with feedback or questions, you can use the contact details listed at the top of the venue’s Detailed Access Guide. These include a telephone number, a link to send an email, and a link to visit the venue’s website.

  • What are the recommended height ranges for counters and reception desks?

    Counters and reception desks should include two work surface heights to accommodate standing and seated users (including wheelchair users). The surface height for a seated user should be between 76cm and 86cm, and the surface height for a standing user should be between 95cm and 110cm.

  • Why do the images in AccessAble’s Detailed Access Guides not have alternative text?

    Our Access Guides contain lots of detailed information. This includes written information about everything shown in all images.  Our aim is to provide the best possible experience for all users, including screen reader users. Feedback from these users tells us that adding alternative text to Access Guide images would duplicate the detailed written information, resulting in a more frustrating user experience. 

About Accessibility and Disability

Here are some questions about accessibility and disability we get asked a lot. If you don’t find an answer here please contact us and we will try to help.

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