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Route from Campus Reception to Y Sgubor, Fferm Penglais Hub

Aberystwyth University, Campus Reception, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth, SY23 3FH

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    • The route plan is from the Campus Reception to Fferm Penglais Campus Pentre Jane Morgan entrance.
    • The route has a walking distance of approximately 670m and should take about 20 minutes to walk.
    • The hazards on the route are uncontrolled crossings, dropped kerbs and uneven surfaces.

Campus Reception to University Entrance

  • At the reception entrance turn left and exit along the ramp.
  • At the bottom of the ramp turn right and proceed along the pathway towards the University entrance.
  • The pathway has a tarmac surface with an slight gradient towards the parking spaces.
  • There are 2 Blue Badge spaces fronting the campus reception with dropped kerbs
  • To the right passed the reception office is a bench chair with a map above of the college campus.
  • The pathway leading to the University entrance on the A487 Penglais Road is over 150cm wide.
  • The distance from the Campus entrance to the A487 junction is approximately 67m.

University Entrance to A487 Penglais Road

  • At the entrance to the University Campus there is a dropped kerb to the left with tactile paving.
  • Turn right at the entrance and procced along the pathway on the A487 Penglais Road.
  • The pathway has a tarmac surface with a slight slope.
  • The pathway is over 150cm wide.
  • The A487 is the main road into Aberystwyth Town Centre which can become very busy.

A487 Penglais Road to Uncontrolled Level Crossing

  • Proceed along the pathway on the A487 towards the footbridge in the distance.
  • The gradient of the pathway starts to increase from slight to steep further along the pathway
  • The pathway surface is tarmac with widths over 150cm wide.
  • As you procced along the pathway, to the right is a service road into the university.
  • At the junction there are dropped kerbs either side of the road with tactile paving.
  • Procced along the A487 Penglais Road and head towards the footbridge.
  • As you approach the footbridge there is an uncontrolled level crossing to the left.
  • The distance from the university entrance is approximately 196m.

A487 Penglais Road to Uncontrolled Level Crossing

  • Has you approach the footbridge there is a uncontrolled level crossing on the left.
  • There is a tactile dropped kerb on the pathway in front of the level crossing.
  • Cross the A487. The level crossing has a central reservation with tactile paving and warning barriers.
  • At the central reservation traffic flows in both directions.
  • As you cross the road there is a further dropped kerb with tactile paving.
  • When you have navigated the crossing turn right and proceed along the pathway uphill.

A487 Penglais Road Level Crossing to Bus Stop

  • As you proceed along the road you will pass the footbridge overhead.
  • When you approach the road sign there is a pillar obstructing the pathway.
  • At this point the pathway is reduced to 100cm wide.
  • Proceed beyond the road sign up to the bus stop on the left.
  • Fronting the bus stop the pathway is uneven with a width of 160cm.
  • The bus stop has a weathered roof protector with bench seating.
  • Buses that stop on the route are T2, X28 and 301.
  • The distance from the level crossing to the bus stop is approximately 216m.

A487 Penglais Road Bus Stop to B4572 Junction

  • Proceed along the pathway past the bus stop on the A487 Penglais Road.
  • The pathway has a tarmac surface with a width over 150cm.
  • There is a slight gradient leading up to the junction of the B4572.
  • As you approach the junction turn left on the pathway into the B4572.
  • The distance from the bus stop to the B4572 junction is approximately 60m.

B4572 Junction to Heol Rheidol Crossing

  • At the junction turn left onto the B4572 procced along the pathway for about 40m.
  • As you approach the Heol Rheidol junction turn left until you approach the dropped kerb.
  • At this point you need to cross the road.
  • The road is fairly quiet but traffic can come from both directions.
  • There is a dropped kerb with tactile paving to either side of the Heol Rheidol.
  • After crossing the junction turn right and procced along the pathway.

B4572 to University Service Road

  • After crossing the junction at the Heol Rhediol.
  • Procced for a further 30m along the pathway.
  • The pathway along the B4572 is tarmac surfaced and over 150cm wide, with a slight gradient toward the kerb.
  • After about 40m you approach the service road for the Penglais Campus.
  • At the junction there is a dropped edge kerb with tactile paving either side.
  • After you cross the service road proceed along the pathway.

University Service Road to Fferm Penglais Campus

  • Procced along the tarmac pathway for about 40m until you approach the entrance to the campus.
  • At the entrance turn left into the campus.
  • There is a steep slope at the entrance which has a tarmac surface over 150cm wide.
  • At the top of the slope you will be facing the side of the Y Sgubor Building.
  • The surface at the top of the slope changes to a non slip resin surface.

Fferm Penglais Entrance to Y Sgubor

  • At the rear of the Y Sgubor Building turn right to the corner of the building.
  • At the corner of the building turn left, passing the bench seats on your right.
  • Proceed along the pathway for a further 20m until you approach the Y Sgubor entrance.
  • The overall distance from the Fferm Penglais Hub is approximately 670m in total.