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Woodland Walk

Forbidden Valley, Alton Towers Resort, Alton, Staffordshire, ST10 4DB

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Access From Forbidden Valley

  • Access to the Woodland Walk from Forbidden Valley is via a steep downhill slope.
  • The access point is located near to the Skyride.

Access From CBeebies Hotel

  • Access from the CBeebies Hotel to the Woodland Walk is via a bridge, a step, a steep slope and an access gate/turnstile.
  • The Bridge may be slippery when wet.
  • At the rear of the bridge is an unmarked step.
  • Following the step is a steep slope leading down towards an access gate and a turnstile.
  • The width of the access gate opening is 90cm.
  • The width of the turnstile is 50cm.
  • There are 2 unmarked steps at the turnstile, however these can be overcome by using the access gate.


  • Access and Circulation View
    • There are some slight slopes throughout the Woodland Walk.
    • The floor surface consists of stones, loose chippings and fallen leaves.
    • The floor surface may be uneven in places.
    • The floor can become slippery when wet.
    • There are not resting areas in this area.
    • Vending machines are not available in this area.
    • Freestyle drinks machines are not available in this area.
  • Signage and Audio View
    • Wayfinding signage is not provided.