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AccessAble and States of Guernsey to update Guernsey Accessibility Guide

States of Guernsey is working with AccessAble, the UK’s leading provider of detailed disabled access information, to update Detailed Access Guides to venues across Guernsey.

The Guides are 100 per cent facts, figures and photographs to help residents and visitors plan their journeys to and around Guernsey, covering everything from parking facilities and hearing loops, to walking distances and accessible toilets.

AccessAble’s surveying team will be in Guernsey from 20th September, updating information for over 70 venues.

Gill Evans, Disability Officer at States of Guernsey, said:

“The Guide is a useful tool for many people as it provides factual information for different venues not only about the access, but also the facilities that are available and what the environment is like.

Many people find this information invaluable when they are planning to visit somewhere, particularly for the first time.”

The free Accessibility Guide to Guernsey, which covers over 400 venues and 16 routes, is due to re-launch in Winter 2021, and will be available at and on the AccessAble App.

Find out more

AccessAble and States of Guernsey are hosting two events at the Guernsey Information Centre where you can find out more about the Accessibility Guide.

Click the links below for event information. To book your place please email [email protected]

Guernsey Accessibility Guide Event – 21st September

Guernsey Accessibility Guide Event – 20th October

For more information about the project, please contact Jessica Moore, Partnerships Manager at AccessAble on 01438 842710 or email [email protected]

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