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An Interview with Action for Carers Surrey

Disabled people's organisations and local disability groups are crucial to our work at AccessAble. Working with them helps us ensure that our Access Guides contain all the information that disabled people need to get out and about. 

Who are these groups, and what do they do? Our interview series shines a light on their vital work. 

This month we speak to Action for Carers, Surrey  

Tell us a bit about your organisation. 

Action for Carers Surrey provides events, information, advice, and support for carers of all ages right across Surrey. Support includes benefits help, advocacy, guidance on moving and handling, workshops, information and relaxation events (by Zoom and face to face), support groups, free resources, and more. We also help carers say on carer matters in Surrey and nationally. There’s specialist support available for young carers, young adult carers (18-24), and carers connected to the armed forces. Starting in 1992, we've been supporting carers for a long time. We work with multiple partners, including many other charities in Surrey, and receive much of our funding from Surrey County Council. 

What is your mission? 

We are here to help carers of all ages, across Surrey, with information, emotional support, and advice if you are looking after a friend or family member who couldn’t manage without help. 

Image shows and Action for Surrey information tent with signs and people talking to each other in front of it.

What are some of your group's successes? 

During the pandemic, our commitment to supporting Carers across Surrey continued, we realised the carers who used our service needed us more than ever. Action for Carers Surrey put on 254 new online events or support groups and 6,888 phone calls with adult carers between January and March 2021.

How important would you say Detailed Access Information is when planning a trip or visiting a venue for the first time? 

AccessAble is essential - including for carers who often need to think about and plan the trip for themselves and the person they care for. 

In your view, what’s the best thing about an AccessAble Guide - How do they help the Disabled Community in your area? 

The Access Information is accurate and kept up to date. They provide the information people need to plan their journey, which is very helpful and generally a useful tool to have. 

How can people find out more about your organisation? 

You can find out more about Action for Carers Surrey at: 


E-mail: [email protected] 

Call:  030 040 1234 

Facebook: @ActionforCarersSurrey 

Twitter: @CarersSurrey 

Instagram: @action_for_carers_surrey 



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