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An interview with Herts Ability

Disabled people's organisations and local disability groups are crucial to our work at AccessAble. Working with them helps us ensure that our Access Guides contain all the information disabled people need to get out and about.

Who are these groups, and what do they do? Our interview series shines a light on their vital work.

This month we speak to Herts Ability.

Tell us a bit about your organisation.

Herts Ability is a charity based in Welwyn Garden City, with satellite centres in Watford, Luton and Harlow, formally known as Hertfordshire Action on Disability.

What is your mission?

We were founded as a charity in 1958 and specialise in helping disabled people, people with progressive medical conditions, and older people retain their driving ability to aid independence. Although our services have changed considerably over the years, the main aim of helping people with a disability has always remained constant. The staff at Herts Ability always tries to operate in a client-centred way and be as helpful and welcoming as possible.

Tell us about some of your successes?

We are well known by many local charities, suppliers and organisations, and many NHS departments and often work closely with each. When driving is no longer an option, we are launching our Mobility Hub, which will support individuals in continuing their daily tasks without a car. Setting up this project included identifying transport and travel options and supporting the use of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Herts Ability also has its seating clinic run by an Occupational Therapist to ensure people are comfortable at home. In addition, individuals and council teams widely use this service. 

Two men behind a vehicle, one is sitting in a wheelchair

How important would you say detailed access information is when planning a trip or visiting a venue for the first time?

Simply put, it is essential.

In your view, what's the best thing about an AccessAble guide - how do they help the disabled community in your area?

It can spell out what provision is in place to aid individuals and their unique needs.

Finally, how can people find out more about your organisation?

You can find out more about Herts Ability at

e-mail:                  [email protected]          



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