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An Interview with Kingston Mencap

Disabled people's organisations and local disability groups are crucial to the work we do at AccessAble. Working with them helps us ensure that our Access Guides contain all of the information that disabled people need to get out and about. 

Who are these groups, and what do they do? Our interview series shines a light on their vital work. 

This month we speak to Kingston Mencap 

Tell us a bit about your organisation 

Kingston Mencap is a small independent charity based in the borough of Kingston upon Thames. We run clubs, activities, and trips for adults with a learning disability and their families. Although affiliated with Royal Mencap, We raise our funds through grants, donations, membership fees, and fundraising. 

Three people, two men and a women wearing a plastic apron and working with clay.

What is your mission? 

We believe that people with learning disabilities must be valued equally, listened to, and included enabling them to have the same opportunities in life as everyone else. The Mission of our group is to support carers of children and adults with a learning disability by providing information and support for our users.  We develop and support services that enable both children and adults to live full lives, helping shape local services and ensure people with learning disabilities are listened to and not forgotten. We run clubs, activities, and trips for young people and adults with a learning disability, their family carers, and supporters. We provide information and advice workshops for the families. 

What are some of your group's successes? 

Kingston Mencap is different from many other affiliated groups in that we are a voluntary group run by a Trustee Committee. It is only in recent years that we have funded paid coordinators. We continue to work closely with the learning disability team in Kingston enables us to run and jointly fund projects. 

How important would you say Detailed Access Information is when planning a trip or visiting a venue for the first time? 

Very important. Some of our members have limited mobility and are wheelchair users, so it is extremely important to understand the accessibility details of any given venue before visiting. 

In your view, what’s the best thing about an AccessAble Guide - How do they help the Disabled Community in your area? 

The range of venues listed and the detail of information provided is amazing, having them in one place allows people to satisfy any accessibility concerns they may have before they visit a venue. 

Finally, how can people find out more about your organisation? 

You can find out more about Kingston Mencap at: 

e-mail: [email protected]  

or call:  07936 359 260 

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