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Introducing Fi Anderson - AccessAble Champion

We’d like you to meet our newest AccessAble champion, Fi Anderson, who is helping to spread the word about AcccessAble and the vital work we do.

I’m a disabled Mum of 2, disability advocate/campaigner and blogger from Bolton, Greater Manchester. I started blogging about my life and journey with a rare muscle-wasting condition called Multiminicore Myopathy, and the challenges surrounding that when I became a Mother. My aim is to empower other women with disabilities to go for their dreams of becoming a Mum one day, speaking candidly about my own experiences to encourage ways to troubleshoot the physical difficulties they’d likely anticipate they’d face. Lastly to use my story to challenge the common misconception that if you’re disabled, you cannot or shouldn’t, therefore, start a family.  You could say I’m a multi-niche blogger, as my unique circumstances enable me to dab into both disability and parenting genres and intermix them.

I am equally passionate about disability rights and living life to the fullest with my family. When I’m not waist deep in campaigns like Changing places, the accessible housing crisis and access to healthcare for disabled women, working alongside various high-profile charities, you can find me planning our next accessible family-friendly adventure! Coming from a very isolated childhood, when places and transport just couldn’t cater for us wheelchair-users – I’m making up for lost time by visiting places and doing all the things I missed out on, but even better I get to do them with my children! I’m raising my girls to believe in an inclusive future, while we explore the world making memories at the same time.

I am so excited to become an AccessAble Champion as finding places that cater for access needs, as well as being fun and family-friendly can at times feel like a military operation! I hope to show other disabled parents that tools like the AccessAble’s app can take the guess-work out of access and enable them to enjoy more fun-filled accessible family outings. In the words of Dr Seuss – “Oh the places you’ll go!”

Read more from Fi on her blog 

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